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Wooden Abacus - Large Giant Children Wooden Counting Toy

Overview of Wooden Abacus

Wooden Abacus is the great, inspirational and entertaining learning tool for babies and school children. An educational equipment that designs it more simple for teachers and adults to teach young babies and kids. It comes in distinctive colors with smooth beads that slides easily back and forward. With the help of Wooden Abacus, kids can easily learn counting, addition, subtraction, multiply and divide It is neither too small nor too large for kids, support them to grasp and slide the beads softly back and forth on the wooden poles. Wooden Abacus is a light weighted tool that can easily carry while traveling and makes kids more entertaining. Wooden Abacus is utmost safe and does not cause any type of harm or destruction.

Features of Wooden Abacus

  • Beautiful and well-made counting toy.
  • Thick, durable and well-sanded wooden frame
  • Colorful and smooth beads
  • Excellent educational tool
  • Much easier for teachers and adults to teach the kids
  • Great toy to help kids learn about colors
  • Encouraging and support kids to grasp and slide the beads freely and smoothly back and forth
  • Safe and harmless to babies and kids.

Where To Buy Top Reviewed Wooden Abacus
Customers usually look quality and standard featured learning tools for kids. We researched and found top selling and highly reviewed Wooden Abacus that are friendly in nature as a comparison to the plastic abacus.

Classic Wooden Educational Counting Toy With 100 Beads - Melissa & Doug Abacus for Sale
Classic Wooden Educational Counting Toy With 100 Beads - Melissa & Doug Abacus for Sale
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  • Classic Wooden learning tool for toddlers and adult kids.
  • Standard featured with attractive colored beads for counting operations.
  • Helps in making mathematics quick among all age groups of students.
  • Designed with 8 extensions that plays a good in growth and development of kids.
  • Kids have much fun with graceful and charming colored beads.
  • Promotes coordination in between hands and eyes.
  • Helps in counting as well as recognition of colors.
  • Perfect learning and skillful tool for homes, schools, creches and other learning centers.

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Kids Children Bead Abacus Classic Large Colorful
Kids Children Bead Abacus Classic Large Colorful
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  • Educational Math toll which is useful for counting.
  • The Abacus is comprised with brightly colored beads.
  • Featured with different colored breeds including red, orange, yellow and blue.
  • Not recommended for kids who are below three years.
  • Every row of the tool contains ten breeds.
  • Stable learning tool for education centers and homes, etc.
  • Boosts calculation skills of children.
  • One of the benefits of the Abacus is that it shapens concentration.
  • Dimension of the Abacus is 10.35 x 8 x 12.2 inch / 26.3 x 20.2 x 3.1cm.

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Wooden Beads Maze Game Educational Toys for Toddler Baby
Wooden Beads Maze Game Educational Toys for Toddler Baby
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  • Small sized Abacus available in 8.7x 8.7x 5.9 inch dimension.
  • The Abacus is featured with roller coaster and innumerable colorful wooden beads.
  • Totally safe for kids as it is made of eco-friendly wood.
  • Paint used on Abacus is harmless.
  • It contains different colored metal tracks including yellow, green, orange, red and purple
  • Well constructed Abacus that features smooth sanded pieces.
  • It makes child able by improving their Hand-eye Coordination and spatial skills.
  • Offers kids with a range of play ways.
  • Made of best quality materials that doesnot break easily.
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