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White Alcatel One Touch Sm02 Smartwatch - Reviews - Where To Buy

Quality Overview of White Alcatel One Touch Sm02 Smartwatch

One can answer and hang up the calls, can get any sort of notifications whether social or personal with Alcatel one-touch smartwatch. Controls phone camera, gives weather information. Tracks calories, distance, footsteps, sleep patterns, heartbeat, fitness goals and many more. One touch smartwatch works with both Android and iOS devices that can be the positive point for the users who often change their smartphones from iPhone to Androids. It is a water-resistant along with the sensors such as an accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, heart rate sensor, and compass. Users are able to change the watch face from the phone App or directly from the watch.

Features of White Alcatel One Touch Sm02 Smartwatch

  • Less in price as compared to other.
  • Built in USB charging port into the watch band that is pretty nice as users can directly plugin into their computer or laptop USB ports.
  • Great running dust proof watch available in two sizes 2 SIZES: S/M and M/L
  • Comes with 210mAh Li-ion battery that offers a very good battery life and can last upto several days unlike others that requires daily charging.
  • Rugged and durable smart watch.

What are the Disadvantage of Alcatel One Touch SmartWatch

  • Offers very limited App selection as there is no App store where users can go. Users have to satisfy themselves with the pre-installed Apps only.
  • The rubber band that comes along with the watch does not bend like real rubber and seems uncomfortable.
  • Slightly small watch and the screen is even more smaller.
  • The display looks dull if comparing with the premium smart watch.
  • The readings of pedometer and heart rate monitor are not precisely accurate.

Best Places Where Customers Can Buy White Alcatel One Touch Sm02 Smartwatch

We recommend top-rated White Alcatel One Touch Sm02 Smartwatch that can be bought at the below platforms.

Alcatel OneTouch - Go smart Watch
Alcatel OneTouch - Go smart Watch
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  • Smartest watch available in different colors like White/Gray, white, blue and black.
  • Compatible with different phone models including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Note 5, Samsung Note 4 and Samsung Note 3, etc.
  • Looks more stylish due to customizable design.
  • Ideal with any smart phone featured with Android 4.3 software.
  • Useful in obtaining all updates any time.
  • Great for receiving incoming calls, emails along with messages.
  • Featured with two imperative qualities that is dust resistant and shock resistant.
  • The dimensions of the Go smart Watch is 2 x 2.3 x 0.5 inches.
  • Consists ans app that easily works with Android.
  • Inexpensive watch designed with innovative features.

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sm02 - Alcatel One Touch Medium/Large Black Watch
sm02 - Alcatel One Touch Medium/Large Black Watch
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  • Alcatel One Touch watch is created with latest technology and USB charging.
  • Users can get it in many sizes including large, small and medium.
  • Used as an activity tracker for tracking multiple activities.
  • Smart watch helps users to monitor heart rate.
  • Featured with phone control option helps to get phone notifications.
  • Works for longer time due to waterproof and dust proof quality.
  • Affordable watch furnish users with good experience by furnishing long battery life.
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Alcatel One Touch Watch Pure White Smartwatch for Sale
Alcatel One Touch Watch Pure White Smartwatch for Sale
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  • Alcatel Smartwatch is a standard design of timepiece that is suitable for unisex.
  • Smartwatch is available in multiple sizes.
  • Alcatel Smartwatch has features of activity tracker that counts steps, heart rate, sleep and calories.
  • It has a control feature that recive notifications like controlling music, camera, phone calls and tracing.
  • Resistant features for water and dirt.
  • Standard innovation that supports health as well as controls your phone.
  • Chargeable Alcatel Smartwatch as contains a USB charging port and cable is included.
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