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Tolak Angin Review, Ingredients & Benefits, How To Use

The Elementary Review

Tolak Angin is herbal medicine which is extremely beneficial for treating number of ailments. It is all natural medicine blended with health-friendly ingredients which composites of honey, ginger, fennel fruit and mint. The herb is laden with eye-catching properties that enhance its positive influence on human body and successfully treat various types of ailments such as nausea, flatulence, headache, sore throat, body chills, and fever. This multipurpose herb enables people to get rid of several critical syndromes with ease instead of taking chemical based supplements. It is asserted that Tolak Angin herb is safe to be used for long period of time and does not reveal any adverse impact on health but need to be taken as per prescribed guidelines. Additionally, this award-winning herb is known for sustaining strength and stamina in time of vigorous work and during travel.

Benefits and Features

  • Tolak Angin is a herbal supplement that relieves multitudinous symptoms.
  • Meant for both men and women.
  • Enables to attain a healthy and peaceful life.
  • Helps to get rid of headache.
  • One of the useful relievers that offers quick relief from cold.
  • Treats sore throat.
  • Essential remedy for abdominal pain.
  • Used to treat sore eyes and nausea.
  • Helpful for people suffering from flatulence.
  • Improves stamina and body conditions.
  • The supplement is available in market in pill form.
  • Packed with essential ingredients such as Phyllanthi Herba Extract, Valerian Root Extract and Echinacea Extract.
  • Contains Ginseng Extract, Fruktosa, Sukrosa, Honey and more.
  • Every package contains twelve sachets.

Disadvantages, Side Effects and Precautions of Tolak Angin

  • Tolak Angin should be taken with half a glass of warm water.
  • Needs to be used as per directions of physician.
  • Check properties before taking to prevent from innumerable health effects.
  • Speak to physician if users don't get well after consuming the herbal supplement.
  • Not recommended to consume with alcohol, caffeine and medicines.
  • Tolak Angin is not to be used by pregnant women and children.
  • Take one tablet daily for obtaining the best outcomes.
  • Not ideal for children who are below twelve years.


Tolak Angin is one of the effective and useful herbs that help to relieve several chronic diseases. The ingredients which are present in Tolak Angin are honey, ginger, mint, clove and fennel fruit that elevates positive effect in medicine and overcomes progression and development of further disease.

How To Use Tolak Angin

  • Tolak Angin is available in market in sophisticated sachet.
  • It is recommended to serve one sachet with 100 cc warm water.
  • It is advised to take Tolak Angin twice a day.
  • Tolak Angin need to be taken daily till the chronic symptoms is at bay.

Where To Buy Best Tolak Angin

People usually prefer natural and herbal supplements for several body issues. We recommended the best Tolak Angin herbal supplement that can be obtained from the below sites.

Sido Muncul Tolak Angin Herbal Supplement with Honey
Sido Muncul Tolak Angin Herbal Supplement with Honey
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  • Sido Muncul Tolak Angin is a herbal supplement enriched with honey.
  • The box contains twelve sachets.
  • The supplement is blended with several herbal ingredients such as fennel seeds, ginger, rice and mint.
  • Healthy supplement which is featured with natural plants.
  • Useful for curing common cold and cough.
  • Consumed to make immune system healthy.
  • The herbal supplement is used for bringing normal energy levels.
  • Recommended to take after meal.

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Tolak Angin - 15oz by Sido Muncul
Tolak Angin - 15oz by Sido Muncul
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  • Dietary supplement made of ginger, honey and mint.
  • Perfect herbal supplement for relieving cold symptoms.
  • One of the halal certified products which decreases sensation.
  • Indonesian product comes in 12x0.5oz size.
  • High recommended for people with low energy.
  • Plays a vital role in bringing alertness in people who are facing occasional fatigue.
  • It can be consumed for relieving throat problem.
  • Tolak Angin is formulated of fine quality herbal ingredients.
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