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Solar Animal Repeller Reviews (Uses & Benefits, Pros & Cons, Where To Buy)

Overview of Motion Activated Pest Controller with Strobe Light

Solar Animal Repeller is an advantageous device helps to protect properties from pests and wild animals. Comes with advanced featured to address requirements of millions of households. Used to scare a diverse array of animals and helpful in keeping away animals from the garden. The device is also useful in preventing pests that can harm garden, patio, farms and more. The device utilizes high pitched sound to keep pests and animals away from yards. Not only safe but also energy-conscious and non-toxic.


  • Ideal for Raccoon, Cats, Dogs, Deer and Birds.
  • Comes with Water Proof design.
  • Ultrasonic Outdoor Pest controller developed with three multiple ultrasonic sound frequency settings LED flash lights to prevent pests and animals.
  • Used in simple way with trouble free experience.
  • Durable and versatile.
  • Added batteries that can be charged through sunlight.
  • Good quality motion sensor that can sense up-to thirty feet.
  • Features three different modes used to adjust ultrasonic sensitivity settings.
  • Comprise flash LED lights.
  • Easily setup in any appropriate direction.
  • Built-in solar panel.
  • Eco-friendly quality that doesn't harm any animal.
  • Ability to repel a diverse range of animals.
  • Ideal for both day and night.
  • Solar Powered.
  • The Repeller also works on 4 AA batteries in shady places.
  • It can be staked sin the ground and can be mounted on tree.
  • Water and weather resistant.
  • It is attainable with limited warranty.

Solar Animal Repeller Instructions

Solar Animal Repeller is easy to install by removing the batteries and use 3 AA batteries that are easy to recharge. Use the batteries on the back side of the device. If batteries are assembled and do not use other batteries. Point the device towards the area or spot that require protection like flower beds. The installation of the device should in direct sunlight. It can be placed in a naked field by inserting a spike and fix the unit from above 5 inches. The Solar Animal Repeller can also be mounted on a wall for the protection purposes.

Technical Specification

  • Infrared sensor angle is of 110 degrees.
  • Detection range vary with 26-30 feet depending on animals size.
  • Requires 3 AA batteries that are rechargeable.
  • It consumes 9V power supply and needs 2A adapter.
  • Red LED indicator that alerts user as the device is activated.
  • PIR sensor does not function when adapter remains inserted.

Waterproof Feature
Solar Animal Repeller is excellent quality product constructed of heavy-duty materials that enable pest and animal repeller to work efficiently in rain, snow and innumerable hard situations. Its waterproof makes it able to run for several years.

Package Contents

  • Single piece Solar Repeller
  • One Metal Stake
  • Contains one USB cable
  • One instructional manual
  • Three Batteries

You can obtain hundred percent satisfaction guarantee for solving multiple queries regarding the product. The guarantee is meant for enabling you to buy the product with confidence.

Where To Buy Top Rated Solar Animal Repeller

Solar Animal Repeller is innovative devices operate on solar energy to repel animals and other species in field and agricultural areas. We suggest top rated products to help customers to buy best form market.

AUTSCA Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller for Sale
AUTSCA Ultrasonic Solar Animal Repeller for Sale
buy onlineCheck Price
  • Innovative animal repeller emits ultrasonic and LED lights to restrict animals.
  • Solar repeller is designed to repel animals away harmlessly.
  • Repeller obtain charge from solar panel placed on the top of animal repellent.
  • Repellent can also be charged by a charger or via USB connection.
  • Easy to install in areas like farms, gardens, yards and driveways.
  • Weather resistant hard plastic construction perfect for outdoor environment.

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Solar Animal Animal Repeller With LED Strobe Lights By Wikoo
Solar Animal Animal Repeller With LED Strobe Lights By Wikoo
buy onlineCheck Price
  • Outdoor animal repellent equipped with motion activated PIR sensors.
  • Provides rid from Dogs, Cats, Squirrels and other species.
  • Repel animals by emitting powerful ultrasonic, sonic and flashing LED lights
  • Involves solar panel to obtain power and also includes 3 x AA batteries.
  • Animal repellent can also be charged through USB enabled charger.
  • Waterproof and ideal to install around farm, garden, yard, lawn, patio and garage

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Solar Powered Ultrasonic Animal and Pests Repeller
Solar Powered Ultrasonic Animal and Pests Repeller
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  • Animal repeller releases a powerful and strong ultrasonic wave to frighten animals.
  • Flash LED light to repel away species like cats, mice, foxes, raccoons, badgers and skunks.
  • Hard plastic material ideal for outdoor installation and involves weather resistant features.
  • Easy to install and features a solar panel on the top to obtain energy.
  • Repeller comes along with Aluminum Stake, 1 x USB cable and 1 x User manual.
  • Offers protection around 6900 sq.ft. field area.

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Solar Mole Repellent With Ultrasonic Waves
Solar Mole Repellent With Ultrasonic Waves
buy onlineCheck Price
  • Solar panel equipped repellent helps to keep mole and rats away.
  • Designed to repel animals harmlessly and protect fields.
  • Easy to install in outdoor setting like farm, lawn and patio.
  • Obtains energy from solar panel and also involves charger ports.
  • Safe to use around pets and children in residential areas.
  • Comes along with user manual and charger.
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