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Mio Alpha 2 - Review, Heart Rate Monitor With Charger


Mio Alpha 2 plays a great part in monitoring heart rate. The effective way to bring changes in performance. Creates heart rate monitoring comfortable for all athletes. The Watch is built with latest technology helps to meet fitness goals. The key features of the watch is the capability to fix goals and obtain them. Proven to be advantageous to overall health. Tracks activity with precision. The sport-proof device competitive for handling any activity. Made with optical sensor to examine the volume of blood beneath your skin. Moreover, good for tracking progress. Supports you to secure workout data. Offers accurate heart rate from beginning to end. Fits perfectly .3” – 7.5”/ 135 – 190 mm wrist sizes.


  • Requires no chest strap.
  • Ability to track steps.
  • Not only tracks calories but also distance and goal progress.
  • Designed with customizable display.
  • Features configurable heart rate zones.
  • Comprised with LED heart rate zone indicator.
  • Easily works in water as it contains waterproof quality.
  • Ideal with Mio PAI 1 and Mio GO apps.
  • Connects easily wirelessly to fitness apps.
  • Contains equipment with 2-way sharing for improved workout tracking.
  • Internal accelerometer is meant for keeping critical stats such as calorie burn, pace, speed and distance.
  • Comes with twelve to twenty-four hours clock.
  • Two multiple timers and chronograph.
  • Easy to activate black light.
  • Set contains a soft silicone wristband with a secure snap latch, USB charging dock, rechargeable lithium battery and magnetic alignment.
  • The life of battery lasts for twenty to twenty-four hours.
  • Heart Rate Sensor is wrist based.
  • Optical sensor observes the volume of blood beneath your skin.
  • Built with patented and award-winning Optical Heart Rate Technology.
  • Found to be perfect with Mio PAI App.
  • Comprises Rechargeable Li-Poly battery.


  • The activity tracker is more helpful in reducing heavy weight of the body.
  • Raises non-exercise activity through tracking exercise.
  • You can easily keep yourself accountable by using the Activity Tracker.
  • Offers healthy life and well being.
  • One of the needless investments for the people who have an athletic incentive.
  • Not only durable but also soft.
  • Makes easy to attain more comfort during workouts.
  • More capable to understand physiological response to exercise.
  • Protects from injury caused due to improper pacing and over-training.
  • Promotes work ability and effectiveness through training.
  • Boost ability of the body to utilize fat as fuel.
  • Efficiently tracks progress.
  • You can track all day activities with Mio Alpha 2.

Beneficial for Athletes

Mio Alpha 2 is an award winning device furnishes Athletes with innovative and diverse benefits. Assists them to meet fitness goals by its innovative features. Provided them with all the training and tracking features of perfect fitness apps by Bluetooth connectivity. Mio Alpha 2 is attainable with cool new features for the comfort of Athletes.

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Mio Alpha 2 is an innovative device to monitor heart rate and regulate physical training. Information given below provides all details about product that helps customers to choose best item.

Mio Alpha Watch to Monitor Heart Rate
Mio Alpha Watch to Monitor Heart Rate
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  • Strapless continuous heart rate monitor device to measure heart rate.
  • Mio Alpha sports watch helps to record and monitor heart rate during rigorous exercise.
  • Designed to wear over wrist, thus eliminates need for chest straps.
  • Involves soft and smooth silicone band feels light on wrist.
  • Device is equipped to provide LED indicator and audible alerts.
  • Water resistant watch can be connected to other devices and has timer also.

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Heart Rate Monitor Plus Activity Tracker by Mio ALPHA 2
Heart Rate Monitor Plus Activity Tracker by Mio ALPHA 2
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  • Wrist watch designed to provide accurate heart rate during physical exercise.
  • Device also present data about activities like steps, calories and distance.
  • Sports watch is designed to store data about 25 hours.
  • Heart rate monitor is equipped to connect with Bluetooth.
  • Easy to connect with fitness app and other devices.
  • Comes along with USB charging dock and user guide.

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Bluetooth Enable Heart Rate Monitor
Bluetooth Enable Heart Rate Monitor
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  • Beautiful wrist watch to record heart rate and other activities of physical training.
  • Equipped with Bluetooth to connect with fitness smart applications.
  • Water resistant and involves soft band design to fit all.
  • Comes along with charger and other needed accessories.
  • Alpha heart rate monitor can also store data about activities.
  • Ideal to promote physical health training sessions.

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Mio FUSE Digital Heart Rate Monitor
Mio FUSE Digital Heart Rate Monitor
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  • Wrist heart rate monitor equipped with optical heart rate and 3-axis accelerometer.
  • Water resistant device involves Li-Poly battery to store data.
  • Provide digital readings about heart rate, sleep and activity details.
  • Equipped to store data about 30 hours of workouts.
  • Easy to connect with other devices via Bluetooth.
  • Prevents for overtraining and improper pacing.
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