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Hearing Aid For Severe Hearing Loss - The Most Recommended and Affordable


Severe Hearing Loss is a condition that occurs due to many factors. The hearing loss may be caused by biological and environmental factors. Hearing loss may appear in all age groups adults, seniors and etc. The severe or profound hearing loss is caused due to defects in the Inner ear or with sensory organs. An individual suffering severe hearing problems may detect some sound but very poorly. There are various types of hearing aids designed to overcome the problem. The aids are available in different shapes, sizes and contain different features. Advanced hearing aids are small, precise and equipped with the latest specifications.

Types of Hearing Aids

There are different types of hearing aids available in the market. The tools are designed keeping in view of the severity of the problem. The main three types of aids are the following:
  • BTE Hearing Aids : These kinds of hearing aids are used behind the ear with hearing aid on top. The aid is joined to ear canal with a sound tube.
  • RIC / RITE Hearing Aids : This types of aids are smaller in size and involves compact design. RIC (Receiver in Canal) and RITE (Receiver In The Ear) are the latest versions of hearing aids.
  • ITE Hearing Aids : These types of tools are also called as in the ear hearing aids. These aids are available in different sizes and shapes.

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Where to Buy Best and Affordable Hearing Aid for Severe Hearing Loss

Hearing Aids for severe hearing loss are available in various models and brand. You can find the best-reviewed hearing aids below:

Best - Angelear Hearing Amplifier
Best - Angelear Hearing Amplifier
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  • The rechargeable sound amplifier ideal for seniors and adults.
  • The hearing tool contains in-built battery that offers 60 hours continuous performance.
  • Hearing Amplifier has beep indicator also to indicate low battery.
  • Equipped with noise reduction and carries four different adjustment modes.
  • The hearing aids are easy to use and contains sensors to produce best services.
  • The light weight design is comfortable to wear.

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Recommended - Digital Hearing Amplifier
Recommended - Digital Hearing Amplifier
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  • The digital amplifier is equipped to adapt varied sounds and helps to hear clearly.
  • Contains quality battery that assures 500hr battery Life continuously.
  • The personal sound amplifier contains digital chip and frequency control buttons.
  • Involves small and compact design, ideal for behind the ear wear.
  • The hearing aids is designed by audiologist and recommended by professionals.

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Small - Behind the Ear Hearing Aid
Small - Behind the Ear Hearing Aid
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  • Digital Bluetooth hearing aid is controlled by the mobile apps.
  • This hearing aid is recommended for individuals looking below 40dB gain sound amplifier.
  • The hearing aid is easy to use and contains universal fit design.
  • Different channels allows to pre-set different sounds like outdoor, noise, and etc.
  • The hearing aids can be connected to iPhone or Android via Bluetooth.
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