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Hearing Aid For Sensorineural Hearing Loss - The Most Recommended & Affordable


Sensorineural Hearing Loss is a condition that involves both the inner ear and sensory organs. This type of hearing loss is caused by congenital and acquired factors. The sensorineural hearing loss is also called "nerve deafness". The problem can affect both the ears that involve difficulty in detecting sound and even loud speech issues. If the problem persists in one year an individual may find it hard to locate a sound. The latest hearing aids can help to overcome mild to moderate sensorineural hearing problem. There are various designs and models of hearing aids available in the market. Advanced hearing aids involve amplifiers and varied features.

Disadvantage of Hearing Aids

  • Hearing aids sometime fails to block background noise.
  • The tools are not equipped to separate speech and noise in outdoor settings.
  • Muscle tension may occur when used at high frequency.
  • People may find it difficult to set a perfect fequency.

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Where to Buy Recommendable Hearing Aid for Sensorineural Hearing Loss

The hearing aids are available in a wide range of shapes, size, and models. You can find the best reviewed and recommendable aids below:

Small and Lightweight - Hearing Amplifier
Small and Lightweight - Hearing Amplifier
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  • This hearing aid carries slim and open fit design for comfortable hearing.
  • Slim sound tubes helps to keep ear can canal open to hear natural sounds.
  • The digital technology empowers to hear crystal clear sounds.
  • Noise control system allows to reduce whistling, digital noise cancellation and etc.
  • The device is lightweighted only 2.3g and involves compact design.
  • Highly recommended for mild hearing loss and ideal for 35dB peak gain.

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Hearing Amplifier for Adults and Seniors
Hearing Amplifier for Adults and Seniors
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  • This aid contains easy to use volume control wheel to set fequency.
  • Separate mode button is also there to help first time users.
  • Equipped with 40 - 48 dB peak gain to overcome mild and moderate hearing loss.
  • Weighing only 3 g contains a small and compact design.
  • Involves 3 amplifying programs to differentaite between different sounds.

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Elite Hearing Amplifier to Assist and Aid Hearing
Elite Hearing Amplifier to Assist and Aid Hearing
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  • The digital ear amplifier helps to overcome mild and moderate hearing problem.
  • The device contains 10 volume levels 4 programs to switch beteen volumes.
  • Noise cancelling technology helps to reduce unwanted noise.
  • Equipped with sound tubes and 3 ear dome styles to facilitate clear hearing.
  • Hearing aid device comes along with a User Manual.
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