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Glade Paint Additive Reviews, Clean Linen, Lavender & Vanilla Scented

Overview of Glade Paint Additive

Glade Paint Additive includes liquid solutions added to latex enamel paints to get a fresh fragrance for months. Boosts fragrance of any paint ideal for indoor walls to get mild fragrances. Mixed with emulsions to paint ceiling and walls without giving off any bad smell of paint. The additive promotes long-lasting fresh fragrance, besides boosts finish and strength of paints. The paint additive involves advanced technology and contains no harmful toxins that are ideal for bedroom walls and ceilings. Available in various potent fragrances to release aroma around rooms for several months. Ideal to be applied to bathrooms, closets, laundry rooms and also basements to reduce bad smells. The paint additive is widely used to paint walls of hotels, public restrooms, and locker rooms.

Glade Paint Additive Ingredients

Glade Paint Additive may alter in their compositions. The paint additives are available in ranging flavors and fragrances that explore inside and outside of the homes. The additives render the special type of fragrance to rooms that last for long period.

Features of Glade Paint Additive

  1. Glade Paint Additive is easy to use.
  2. One packet of additive is recommended for one gallon of paint.
  3. Releases strong fragrance during painting and also after drying.
  4. Glade Paint Additive helps to cater to various bad odor problems.
  5. Glade Paint Additive is available in various popular fragrances.
  6. The additive comes under sealed packing.
  7. The label contains all the necessary instructions about mixing with paint.

Where To Buy Best Reviewed Glade Paint Additive

Glade Paint Additive is a path breaking invention which combats foul odor safely and quickly. Below, we have singled out some top rated and recommended products of Glade Paint Additive along with their trusted buying sources where people can get them with reliability and be able to transfigure the atmosphere of any room with an impressive fragrance.

Glade Scented Paint Additive Lavender And Vanilla for Sale
Glade Scented Paint Additive Lavender And Vanilla for Sale
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  • Wonderful paint additive that instantly fills room with impressive fragrances.
  • Pleasing fragrance keeps room scented and refreshing all day.
  • The fragrance remains for several months without losing its quality.
  • Potent formula fights unpleasant odor incredibly.
  • Fantastic innovation compatible with all latex and latex enamel paints.
  • Makes household and office ambience appealing and enchanting.
  • Relaxing lavender and warm vanilla leads to a refreshing feeling all day.
  • Used on big walls and ceilings to revive and freshen rooms.
  • One packet of paint additive is enough to mix with gallon of latex paint.

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Clean Linen - Glade Scented Paint Additive
Clean Linen - Glade Scented Paint Additive
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  • Exceptional innovation that blooms offices and homes with pleasant smells.
  • Easily transfigures household profile with glade scent additive.
  • Good looking household profile can be easily created with usage of the product.
  • Quite easy to apply on walls and ceiling with advanced rollers and brushes.
  • Scented ambience of home brings peace of mind and coziness throughout day.
  • Inspire guests and friends on the eve of parties and festivals with an atmosphere of heart touching fragrances.
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