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Garden Gnomes are artificial figurines or statues that resemble the humanoid creatures. These figurines are generally searing red pointy headgears and are men in gender. German-based figures that are used for garden and lawn decoration. Garden Gnomes are the perennial delights that are added to home landscapes. Garden Gnomes are short height and long beard males with pointed red colored caps or hats. These statues promote the beauty of lawns and gardens and acts as garden mascots. The origin of the first Garden Gnome was held in 1800 in Germany. Use of Gnomes in the gardens and lawns explores the tales of early Lilliput’s. The name of the Garden Gnome indicates the "Earth Dweller" that awakes in the night and render assistance to landscape chores. Professional gardeners assist people to decor or place Gnomes at multiple locations in homes and gardens. Gnomes can be used in the garden or lawn nearer to water feature where he shows reflection to the sound and sight of water flow. Gnomes can be decorated near patios behind the bushes or flower clusters where he can look after the activities and gossips of family members and guests. Gnomes are generally set up in hidden places where viewers get surprised after looking. Gnomes are also used as welcome symbols in homes, offices, gardens, and lawns. These figurines are symbolized as safeguards of earth's treasure. Gnomes are also considered as good luck symbols as these protect the fertility factors of the earth. Gnomes are also known as "Kuba Waldd" in the German language that refers to "Spirit of the Home" of "Home Administrator".

Personalized Garden Gnomes

Personalized Garden Gnomes are well-designed miniature statues for greeting guests and special ones. Personalized Garden Gnomes are crafted by professional artists and designers. Hand painting and finishing are used on the Personalized Garden Gnomes. Quality greeting sign boards are included in the hands of the Personalized Gnomes. Standard and quality resin materialized statues that are perfect to use for outdoor and entrance decoration in homes, malls, shops, offices, health centers, restaurants, hotels, and resorts. These gnomes are weather resistant and rust proof decorative items.

Traditional Garden Gnomes

Traditional Garden Gnomes are same miniature figurines that gardeners use place in gardens, lawns, patios, and entry gate. These statues are crafted from long-lasting resin materials and are painted by hands. These statues can be placed near rockeries, borders, edges, bushes, water features, and flower beds. These figurines are perfect for raising the outdoor essence of homes. Multiple poses of Traditional Garden Gnomes are available in the markets.

Where To Buy Top Reviewed Garden Gnomes

Gardeners and other users usually look for varying posed personal and traditional featured statues for the gardens and lawns. We researched the product categories and came out with top reviewed Garden Gnomes of awesome and attractive styles.

Funny Guy Mugs Sexy Gnome Statue
Funny Guy Mugs Sexy Gnome Statue
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  • Standard materialized Garden Gnome that is designed in a sexy style.
  • It is perfect to place in the garden, lawn and near water feature.
  • Hand painted Garden Gnome that explores the imagination power of the artist.
  • Ideal gift pack for loving and near one for Christmas Eves, birthdays and other special events.
  • Funny looks that attracts viewers and can be used for greeting outside the shops, malls, and offices.
  • Polyresin based statue that is wrapped in Styrofoam packing.
  • The attractive look of the Garden Gnome is designed by Funny Guy Mugs.
  • 10 x 5 x 8 inches dimensioned greeting gnome for outdoor decoration.

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Sculptural Gardens Standing Garden Gnome Statuary
Sculptural Gardens Standing Garden Gnome Statuary
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  • It is a long-lasting resin stone materialized Garden Gnome that promotes the outside appearance.
  • Resistant features raise its values and stability.
  • Hand decorated and painted sculpture that welcomes guests with a smily face.
  • Eyes of the statue looks as real.
  • Light in weight and easy to move.
  • Zero maintenance for the Garden Gnome.
  • The realistic featured statuary can also be used in yards.
  • Perfect safeguard for the backyards.

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Hand Painted Antique looking Concrete Garden Gnome with Watering Can
Hand Painted Antique looking Concrete Garden Gnome with Watering Can
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  • Authentic sculpted statue that contains concrete composition.
  • A watering can is designed in the hands of Garden Gnome.
  • An antique finish is used on the Garden statue.
  • It is a traditional type of Garden Gnome that can be placed near to waterfalls or flower beds.
  • The Garden Gnome indicates that he is watering plants.
  • The sculpture is almost 10x4x4 Inches in dimensions.
  • Concreted statue is of good weight and is perfect to place in lawns and garden.
  • Portable designed Garden Gnome with great stability features.
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