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Frozen Acai Packs Advantages and Disadvantages, Side Effects and Reviews

  1. Overview (Benefits) of frozen acai packs
  2. Features of frozen acai packs
  3. Overview (Benefits) Frozen Acai Packs

    • Frozen Acai Packs are organic extract of Acai berries used to prepare various types of organic recipes.
    • Frozen Acai Packs, are considered healthy supplement served as nutritional diet with breakfast bowls.
    • Frozen Acai Packs taste like ice cream, beside can be served with dessert dishes to match taste of every individual.
    • The Acai berries are rich source of antioxidants, necessary vitamins, fiber and also contains omega.
    • Frozen Acai Packs helps burn calories and reduce excessive weight aids to get perfect shape of body.
    • Recipes made up of Frozen Acai Packs is ideal to boost digestive system, increase immunity system.
    • Frozen Acai Packs, also provides hydration to skin and helps to develop moisture skin tone.
    • Frozen Acai Packs are used to prepare smoothies, juices and variety of sweet recipes.
    • The Acai packs are available easily with mixture of other healthy ingredients.

    Features of Frozen Acai Packs

    • Frozen Acai Packs extract has origin from Amazon jungle, Brazil.
    • Acai berries are harvested seasonally and grows wildly.
    • Frozen Acai Packs comes under variety of Euterpe Oleacera.
    • Frozen Acai Packs are rich in Fibre, Antioxidants, Nutrients, amino acids.

    Nutritional Facts of Frozen Acai Packs

    1. Energy: 369kJ / 88kcal
    2. Fat: 2,5g
    3. Saturates: 0,6g
    4. Carbohydrate: 14g
    5. Sugars: 14g
    6. Sodium: 4.6mg
    7. Dietry Fibre:4.6g

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