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Free Hearing Aids For Seniors


Hearing loss is a kind of common problem in aged people. According to a study, one in three people at the age of 65 suffer from hearing loss. Another research claims that only 20% of aged people receive benefits from the hearing treatment. Hearing loss is caused by various factors that include both physiological and environmental. Deficiency of hearing is categorized as a disease by the healthcare professionals. There are various treatment methods available to treat the hearing loss problem. Hearing aids are the most recommended and used method to overcome the issue. These aids are available in the market under various brand names, shapes, and sizes.

Are the Hearing Aids Accessible to All?

Many elderly individuals suffering from hearing loss may not afford to buy a hearing aid. Senior people are living on a fixed income and buying an advanced hearing aid is difficult due to its pricing. The price of hearing aids ranges from $100 - $1200 from low end to a sophisticated device. Even battery replacement of the hearing device may cost $30 to $150 per year. Thus to help the individuals with low income, varied programs are available to provide free hearing aids.

How to Get Free Hearing Aids

In the USA and other Western countries, many programs are run by government departments and non-profit organizations to help senior citizens. Under the welfare programs, expenses for healthcare facilities are usually covered by the state. Below is given a list of organizations and programs that support hearing aid facilities:
  • Medical Flexible Accounts : The beneficiary of this account are eligible to receive assistance. The account holders can claim financial help to buy a hearing aid. You can visit the organization center and avail help.
  • Veteran Benefits Program: Retired personals of arm forces get assistance to buy hearing aids. The personals are also eligible to receive treatment for hearing loss in VA hospitals.
  • Federal Employee Assistance: Workers and employees of federal government also receive help for hearing treatment.
  • Insurance Plans: Many insurance companies offers plans that cover financial assistance for hearing aids. The plans are available under healthcare policies. Healthy Hearing is an insurance company that offers plans to buy hearing aids.
  • Social Organizations: Number of international social and non-profit organization provide free hearing aids and treatment services to senior citizens. To avail, help contact a welfare foundation and receive hearing help.

Best But Not Free - Hearing Enhancement Aids
Best But Not Free - Hearing Enhancement Aids
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  • Compact size hearing aid contains noise deduction technology.
  • Equipped with 6 Channels digital processor to produce clear and un-interrupted sounds.
  • The device also has multi-function switchs for varied programs and volume frequencies.
  • The hearing aid comes along the a user manual and accessories.
  • Ideal for seniors and detects low sound fequencies also.
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