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Plagiarism Policy of Reviewguts.Com

We have strict policy against Plagiarism with regard to intellectual content presented on ReviewGuts.Com. If a party is found plagiarizing written material, images, or other intellectual property of this website, responsible person or website is liable to face lawsuit as per regulations concerning Plagiarism.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism can be stated as theft of intellectual property that involves written content, images, music, etc. When someone copies content from a website or any other source and passes it forward as his own, it is called Plagiarism and further, it is punishable in the eyes of Law.

What if I commit Plagiarism unintentionally?

If you have inadvertently committed Plagiarism by copying content from ReviewGuts.Com, we suggest removing copied content from your blog or website with immediate effect in order to avoid legal prosecution.

What are the consequences of intentional Plagiarism?

  • You may face legal action from our end and get penalized for unauthorized use of intellectual property.
  • Using content from ReviewGuts.Com for academic purposes will also be considered as Plagiarism and this may get your work discarded.
  • Copying content from ReviewGuts.Com and making minimal changes or subjecting it to article spinning will also be considered Plagiarism and you can face a law suit from our end.


You hereby agree to adhere to the Plagiarism Policy of ReviewGuts.Com and further give your consent for legal actions to be taken against you in case of plagiarist offences. Furthermore, you shall be liable to bear cost of legal proceedings and compensate us for breach of Plagiarism Policy.