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By using ReviewGuts.Com, you are adhering to Cookie Policy that is with regard to general norms of access. We may collect necessary information through Cookies (if so ever needed) in order to provide better and faster access to users. In case you do not want us to store Cookies, you can change preferences in browser settings. It must be noted that Cookies so collected do not provide individual user’s identification. ReviewGuts.Com may use cookies on your browser for your activity, identification, ad serving, etc.

What is a Cookie?

Answer: Cookie is a program that is used to store data in the form of text that is loaded on users web browser. When a user accesses a particular website frequently, it stores cookies that are generally used by relevant domains.

What are cookies used for?

Answer: Cookies helps a website to provide better access to a user and further, understand preferences in a better manner. In addition, Cookies help in providing relevant online advertisements of third parties.

Why does ReviewGuts.Com need cookies?

Answer: We need cookies so that you can access ReviewGuts.Com much quickly, provide users with ads that are precisely relevant and control user activity.

Is it necessary to keep cookies turned on?

Answer: If you do not want us to use cookies, kindly turn off Cookie feature in respective browser’s preferences option.

Can I delete Cookies?

Answer: Yes, you can delete cookies in browser settings.