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Flexible grout additive is the wonderful accessory for tile management and helps in the installation of tiles in an easy way. The application of the additive will eventually result in the exceptional strength and protects the tile from getting cracked or shrunk. The flexible additive is good for boosting grout cure time and color in the areas that have high traffic like the kitchen and so on. The additive keeps tile new and fresh as new all times. The gout is basically prepared from the urethane that enhances the endurance and flexibility.

Features of Flexible Grout Additive

  • Flexible Grout Additive has a strain resistant quality.
  • Cleans dirt and stains.
  • Easy to use.
  • Helps to get the most out of your tile.
  • Decreases tile grout shrinkage and cracking.
  • In traffic areas including walkways, entryways or kitchens, it promotes grout color while keeping tiles looking its best.
  • Flexible Grout Additive is safe as well as water cleanable, non-hazardous, and non-flammable liquid.
  • Ability to develop ultimate strength shock resistant mortar.
  • Strong flexible bond to a diverse surfaces.
  • Can be used instead of water along with thin set mortars for installing ceramic tile, natural stone,brick and porcelain tile.

Demerits of Flexible Grout Additive

  • Flexible Grout Additive can causes skin irritation.
  • Can damage internal organs of the body, if consumed.
  • May occur eye irritation.
  • Certain disease may be occurred by Flexible Grout Additive.

Precautions for Flexible Grout Additive

  • Recommended for use on tiles only
  • Never store Flexible Grout Additive in open containers.
  • Don't apply on skin.
  • Keep away from eyes, mouth and nose, it can be dangerous for these body parts.
  • Tighten the cap immediately after, as it gets hard.
  • If contact with eyes, rinse well with water or consult doctor for help.
  • Stay Flexible Grout Additive away for kids to prevent harmful effects.

Where To Buy Top Reviewed Flexible Grout Additive

Additives are widely used by the people for increasing the strength of the mixtures like waterproofing powders, paints, etc for better cohesion and durability. We researched hard on such additive products to bring out the best selling and most effective bonding additives for the people that are presented at the below links.

Damtite 05160 - Acrylic Bonding Additive for Sale
Damtite 05160 - Acrylic Bonding Additive for Sale
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  • High quality Acrylic binding additive from Damtite.
  • Manufactured to use with the Damtite waterproofers.
  • Mix this additive to get high level adhesion and strength.
  • Can be used to mix with patch, Grout and resurface solutions.
  • Designed to provide repair with long-lasting results.
  • The additive is very easy to mix and apply due to its unique formula.
  • Also suitable for increasing adhesion of coatings?over smooth non-porous surfaces.
  • Avoids separation and cracking of surfaces for longer period of time.

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Damtite 05370 Clear Acrylic Bonding Additive - 1 gal Bottle
Damtite 05370 Clear Acrylic Bonding Additive - 1 gal Bottle
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  • Quality and Clear Acrylic bonding additive from Damtite.
  • To be added with Damtite powder for waterproofing of smooth, non-porous or old painted surfaces.
  • Prevents fading or yellowing of painted surfaces.
  • Helps in increasing strength and cohesion of mixutures for longer durability.
  • Perfect for adding with concrete repair/ resurface powder mixes, thin set mortars, tile grouts, plaster & stucco mixes.
  • Stops cracking and separation of painted surfaces.
  • Also helpful in making the mixtures dry faster.
  • The brand Damtite is trusted by the users for over 63 years of manufacturing specialty masonry waterproofing and repair products.
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