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Balance Activ PH Advantages and Disadvantages, Side Effects and Reviews

  1. Overview (Benefits) of balance activ ph
  2. Safety Measures & Side Effects balance activ ph
  3. Overview (Benefits) Balance Activ PH

    • Balance Activ PH is a gel based formula developed to cure Bacterial Vaginosis a common infection among women.
    • Balance Activ PH effectively fights against vaginal infections provides comfort and confidence to females.
    • Balance Activ PH is a clinically tested solutions reduces irritation and thrush caused by Bacterial Vaginosis.
    • The vaginal formula prevents bacteria causing bad odor and promotes natural vaginal odor.
    • Balance Activ PH consists of active ingredients of lactic acid and glycogen prevents abnormal discharge.
    • Balance Activ PH, is based on hygiene formula to support natural defense mechanism of body.
    • The vaginal cleansing formula, helps to fight against infections and irritating odor of Bacterial Vaginosis.
    • Balance Activ PH is available easily and contains user safety manual with all necessary instructions.

    Ingredients of Balance Activ PH

    1. Lactic Acid: Prevents Bacteria causing Bacterial Vaginosis infections.
    2. Glycogen: Promotes necessary nutrients to stop abnormal discharge.
    3. Propylene Glycol: Reduces irritation and infection.
    4. MethylhydroxypropyHelps to neutralize bad odor.
    5. Sodium Lactate:Restore and maintain natural Ph.

    Safety Measures & Side Effects Balance Activ PH

    • Recommended room temperature for Balance Activ PH is (2-30°)
    • Avoid use of Balance Activ PH during pregnancy.
    • Start using Balance Activ PH only after age of sixteen.
    • In case of hormonal changes consult doctor before use.
    • Balance ActivePH is not recommended for thrushes.

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