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Axelrod Cottage Cheese - Whipped Low Fat Organic Cheese

Benefits and Uses of Axelrod Cottage Cheese

Axelrod Cottage Cheese is made with the best quality of milk. It is highly rich in proteins and vitamins that plays a vital role in growth and development. The product is highly processed as prepared under observation of experienced and in clean atmosphere. It contains low fat that is an essential property of cheese. Healthy for the heart as protects from uneven strokes and attacks. Axelrod Cottage Cheese is rich in protein, which provides amino acids that body uses to build muscle and other tissues. Maximizing growth hormone output as it is rich in protein and has minimal carbohydrates. Helps to improve fat loss operations and manages weight.

Side Effects of Cottage Cheese
  1. Axelrod Cottage Cheese may contribute to cardiovascular issues.
  2. Axelrod Cottage Cheese can also increase Cholesterol level.
  3. Excess usage of Axelrod Cottage Cheese can ruin diet.
  4. It can make more susceptible to cancer.

Axelrod Cottage Cheese Nutrition
  • Sodium avaialble in the cheese is 470 mg.
  • It has seven gram carbs.
  • The cheese contains fourteen gram protein.
  • It has five gram cholestrol.
  • Nearly ten percent calcium is available in cheese.

Is Axelrod Cottage Cheese Gluten Free?
Yes, Axelrod Cottage Cheese is Gluten Free. The cheese is one of the healthy alternatives for elderly people and pregnant ladies. It is also good for patients suffering from celiac disease. The gluten-free cheese is helpful for maintaining a proper weight of the body.

Axelrod Whipped Cottage Cheese

  • Axelrod Whipped Cottage Cheese has a lot of benefits due to natural ingredients.
  • Good for people with excess body fat as it contains only eight percent fat.
  • Protein found in the cheeese is fouteen gram.
  • Contains 30mg cholestrol.
  • It has a range of ingredients like Vitamin A Palmitate, Guar Gum, Locust Bean Gum and Carbon Dioxide.

Where To Buy Top Reviewed Alternatives of Cottage Cheese?
Customers, looking for quality and healthy foodstuff including cheese for regular meals. We apologize for such an inconvenience as we didn't find any relevant result of above-branded cheese. But, we researched a lot and came out with top reviewed and best-reviewed Cottage Cheese packs that are available at affordable costs.

Amish Greek Cottage Cheese - All Natural
Amish Greek Cottage Cheese - All Natural
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  • Greek Cottage Cheese is prepared by boiling milking and curdling with help of acidic sources.
  • Enriched in proteins, vitamins and good fats that are vital components for physical growth.
  • Healthy source for women as it protects from cancer risks of breasts.
  • Highly filled with calcium, magnesium and zinc that boosts body functionalities.
  • Healthy and source full meal for pregnant and athlete women.
  • Essential values of riboflavin is in cheese that transforms carbohydrates into energy.
  • Boosts strength in bones and joints as contains milk.

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Whipped Frosting Cream Cheese - By Betty Crocker
Whipped Frosting Cream Cheese - By Betty Crocker
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  • Cream Cheese is a healthy diet product for unisex with gluten free composition.
  • Healthy preparation for baking celebration cakes as it is soft and spread easily.
  • Low calcium and calories are in creamy cheese.
  • Adds more taste in bakery items especially pastry cakes.
  • Cheese is enriched with high values of saturated fats.
  • Available in well dimensional packets and containers that makes it quite easy to store.

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Axelrod Cottage Cheese With Pineapple
Axelrod Cottage Cheese With Pineapple
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  • The Cottage Cheese comes in 16 oz pack.
  • Delicious flavor as it contains pineapple.
  • Ingredients used in the cottage cheese are Whey Protein Concentrate, Cream, Guar Gum, Pineapple Base, Modified Food Starch, Potassium Sorbate, etc.
  • It contains total 120Kcal calories.
  • Sodium avialable in the cheese is 410mg.
  • The cheese contains calcium, vitamin A and protein.
  • Axelrod Cottage Cheese has 10mg cholestrol.
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