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Ammonia Smelling Salts Advantages and Disadvantages, Side Effects and Reviews

  1. Overview (Uses & Benefits) of ammonia smelling salts
  2. Precautions & Side Effects of ammonia smelling salts
  3. Overview (Uses & Benefits) of Ammonia Smelling Salts

    • Chemical compound used for regaining the mental alertness.
    • Overall bodily performance is boosted by activation of brain and heart.
    • Mainly used by athletes who lost their consciousness.
    • Regains original state of mind and heat.
    • Fast in action and saves lots of time used in giving first aid to the athletes.
    • They are also known as ammonia inhalants.
    • Used mainly by boxers in between the rounds.
    • Widely used by men and women athletes to enhance their performance.
    • Preferred by the wait lifters in order to give big boost right after another.
    • Smelling salts does not contain any sodium.
    • Ammonium carbonate is the main ingredient found in the smelling slats.
    • Used as chemical induced wake up for fainted athletes.
    • Smelling salts are used by the hockey players to enhance their adrenaline hormone during long games.
    • Football players also use the smelling salt to boost their performance during game.
    • Smelling salts work because human body strongly reacts to ammonia gas in many ways.

    Precautions & Side Effects of Ammonia Smelling Salts

    • Ammonia gas that is produced by the ammonium carbonate has strong smell that might burn the nasal passages.
    • Addiction of smelling salts is possible.
    • Some sports have banned the use of smelling salts.
    • Can aggravate the previous injury especially related to the spinal or heart.

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