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Ammonia Powder Advantages and Disadvantages, Side Effects and Reviews

  1. Overview (Uses & Benefits) of ammonia powder
  2. Precautions & Side Effects of ammonia powder
  3. Overview (Uses & Benefits) of Ammonia Powder

    • Ammonia Powder is most powerful cleaning product.
    • Produced by the combination of nitrogen and hydrogen gases.
    • Ammonia is used to clean jewelry.
    • Used to clean grease from stoves burners.
    • Helps to remove scuff marks and dirt from white shoes.
    • Plays a vital role in agricultural farming and home gardening.
    • Effective cleaner to remove stains from dirty surfaces.
    • Furthermore used to clean doors and windows to get exceptional results.
    • Easy to remove all kinds of finger prints.
    • Ammonia is used as tile cleaner in bathroom and kitchen.
    • Removes tough sweat stains from clothing.
    • Boosts up the PH level of soil.
    • Ammonia is used for removing soot from glass.
    • In addition, used to clean wooden floors and furniture.
    • Ammonia bicarbonate ie used for baking purposes.

    Precautions & Side Effects of Ammonia Powder

    • Never mix ammonia with bleach or any product containing chlorine.
    • Avoid direct contact of skin and eyes.
    • Avoid to use ammonia on marble surfaces.
    • Always make sure using right type of ammonia powder.
    • Always purchase in a well sealed container.

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