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Ammonia For Laundry Advantages and Disadvantages, Side Effects and Reviews



    Ammonia is powerful cleaning product that is used in homes from centuries. Potential properties of ammonia makes it superb
    laundry additive. It has a great stain removing and whitening capability. Versatile for eliminating tough grease stains without harming color of the cloth. Its amazing alkaline properties makes it exceptional for all types of laundries. for brilliant results clear liquid ammonia is added into the detergent. Softens fabric and enhances their texture.

    As A Stain Remover

    ✔ Wonderful for removing hard stains
    ✔ Enhances cleaning power of detergents.
    ✔ Exceptional for removing tough pencil stains
    ✔ Works best as carpet stain removal.


    For General Stains
    ☑ Mix equal amount of water, detergent and ammonia in bottle and apply the mixture on stains like Ink and food allow mixture to stay on stains for thirty minutes and rinse it thoroughly.
    ☑ Brilliant results can be achieved by using distilled water to make solution.
    ☑ Apply solution using spongy or soft clothes.
    ☑ To vanish hard stains of moisture or sweat undiluted solution can be applied directly on cloth with soft cloth.

    For Tough Oil and Grease Stains
    ✔ Make mixture taking equal amounts of detergent and ammonia.
    ✔ Rub Stain with solution.
    ✔ Avoid adding bleach in detergent as that may harm the apparel.

    For Pencil Marks
    ✔ Apply undiluted ammonia on stained area.

    Eliminating Carpet Stains
    ✔ One cup of ammonia needs to be added in the one and a half water gallon.
    ✔ Apply it on stained carpet area with spongy.
    ✔ Rinse thoroughly once stain is vanished.


    Ammonia is not recommended to apply on woolen fibers or carpets.

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