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Amla Murabba Reviews (Uses & Benefits, Pros & Cons, Where To Buy)


Amla Murabba is one of the famous fruit traditionally used with fruits, sugar, and spices. Considered as one of the sweet fruit famous in several provinces of Caucasus, South Asia, Middle East, etc. Unparalleled fruit used for long preservation applications. Stored for long period both in dry and wet form. Indispensable fruit comprises tremendous medicinal properties traditionally used in the preparation of medicine. Amla Murabba is commonly known by the name of Murabba-e-Amla in Unani.

Pros of Amla Murabba Ayurveda

  • Deemed as one of the beneficial fruit enriched with miscellaneous nutrients.
  • Incorporates minerals, iron, protein, fiber including vitamin C that helps to nourish the entire body.
  • Health friendly fruit referred to as Rasayana in Ayurveda.
  • Diverse disorder can be easily cured and treated with it.
  • Eye-catching treatment for burning sensation and digestive ailments.
  • Useful and delicious fruit favorable for healing mental weakness, weak memory, constipation and much more.
  • Promotes cardiovascular well-being and blood circulation.
  • Great for the reproductive system and alongside refines fertility.

Patanjali Amla Murraba - Advantages

  • Helps to create youthful physique by stabilizing free radicals.
  • Supports and revitalizes cognitive and physical health.
  • Loaded with vitamin C that helps in the restoration of all body tissue.
  • Maintenance and strengthen bones, teeth, etc.
  • Stimulates appetite.
  • A consumed plan as well as with bread.

Amla Murabba Recipe

  • First of all soak amala in water by adding 1 tsp lime.
  • Squeeze and rinse well to remove lime taste.
  • Cook Amala in warm water until appears tender and transparent.
  • Than make syrup my mixing sugar, lemon juice and water.
  • Add Amala in syrup and simmer for 4-5 minutes.
  • Spices and ingredients can be added to increase flavor.


Take Amla Murraba two times daily or as per healthcare professional.
Consume empty stomach with a glass of milk or twice a day after food.

Best places Where You can Buy Top 3 Amla Murabba Products

Amla Murabba is delicious fruit present in market in sound containers. People are suggested to buy Amla Murabba and make sure to retrieve amazing health benefits to be consumed as morning tonic and some of the top rated Amla Murabba products are enlisted below:

Patanjali Amla Murabba Gooseberries Jelly - Supports Heart Health

Patanjali Amla Murabba Gooseberries Jelly - Supports Heart Health
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  • Nutritious fruit can be consumed every morning as beneficial tonic.
  • Somewhat sour utilised for synthesising sweetened preserve.
  • Historically utilised as herbal medicine.
  • Consumed as general health care supplement to boost up memory and minimise drowsiness.
  • Recommended for all age groups due to presence of well-being advantages.
  • starts day with delicious fruit makes health energetic all day.
  • Contains fair concentration of chromium, zinc and copper.
  • Helps to meet fundamental nutrients of body.
  • Packed with minerals that are significant for accurate functioning of body.
  • Fruit aids to maintain cholesterol level in blood thereby minimising possibility of heart ailments.

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Gooseberries Jelly Amla Murabba with Honey

Gooseberries Jelly Amla Murabba with Honey
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  • Being a good source of vitamin C loaded with ample concentration of antioxidants.
  • Supplies essential nutrients to body such as calcium, iron, phosphorous and amino acids.
  • Body become deficit due to lacking of vital nutrients but Amla Murabba contributes prime part in overcoming such possibility.
  • Best fruit extensively employed for medicinal purposes.
  • Ayurvedic healthcare professionals use Amla paste for numerous diseases.
  • Filled with such strong and fruitful properties that cures coughs, fevers and upset stomach efficiently.
  • Regarded as powerful house of essential components such as polyphenols, vitamin C, vitamin A, and much more.
  • Revives digestive problem such as gastritis.
  • Great remedy for constipation.
  • Fruit works nicely to be mixed with honey as its healing properties boost up.
  • Ayurvedic experts recommend Amla fruit for those people having weak immune system.
  • Presence of mineral content helps to boost up immunity.
  • Possibility of heart disease raises with bad cholesterol level in blood that can be easily stabilised with Alma consumption.
  • Natural remedy for inflamed joints and additionally helps to provide relief from painful knees.

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Mother's Recipe Amla Murabba With Pickle Recipe - Curing Cold And Fever
Mothers Recipe Amla Murabba With Pickle Recipe - Curing Cold And Fever
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  • Amla Murabba is available in market in pickle form.
  • Flavorful and appetising taste dazzles taste buds.
  • Amla Murabba Pickle is prepared with honey and sugar.
  • Amla is multi-nutrient fruit good for easing menstrual cramps.
  • Safe and effective remedy for curing cold, fever, etc.
  • Its anti-oxidant property strengthens immunity.
  • Anti-ulcer properties are also found in Amla fruit.
  • Healthy fruit for expecting mothers.
  • Better prevention for hair fall usually induces during pregnancy due to hormonal change.
  • Recommended consumption of Amla helps to maximise metabolic activities.
  • Sufficient consumption of Amla fruit helps to alleviate blood glucose level.
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