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American Bass Subwoofers are one among the product range of well-known car audio brand offers various items. The subwoofers are available under varied series to match the standards of different models of vehicles. Bass subwoofers involve latest technology and designs to fit easily in various car models to produce best sounds. The advances audio products are easy to connect with car audio systems to provides best possible performance. Subwoofers produce quality sounds over all types of the car radio and advanced audio systems besides involves easy installation. American Bass Subwoofers are available under sets and includes different serial numbers to match market demands. The latest subwoofers of car audio brand help to play high soundtracks without causing noisy vibrations. The collection of woofers includes a range of items contains varied specifications to meet customers expectation. The subwoofers brand delivers all needed accessories and other items to car owners which aid in easy installation.

How Good Are American Bass Subwoofers

  1. The bass subwoofers involves heavy duty hi excursion design.
  2. American Bass Subwoofers includes die cast basket for better performance.
  3. The woofers caries nonpress paper cone supported by strong carbon kevlar.
  4. The subwoofers are surrounded by foam of best quality.
  5. Subwoofers also includes high temperature voice coil with long windings.
  6. American Bass Subwoofers includes high energy magnets as well.
  7. The car subwoofers contains uni-rubber gasket and rubber magnet boot.
  8. The woofers are available under coll pump motor design.

WHERE TO BUY BEST American Bass VFL And Xd Subwoofer for Sale

Music with driving offers the immense pleasure and happy ride. Below, I have outlined few of the best researched and recommended products of American Bass VFL And Xd Subwoofer for Sale along with trusted buying sources so that we can make our journey full entertaining.

American Bass VFL - 15D2 4000 Watt 15" Subwoofer for Car Audio
American Bass VFL - 15D2 4000 Watt 15" Subwoofer for Car Audio
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  • High voice music with 4000 watt sub woofers.
  • 15" car stereo for enjoying the rocking music.
  • Engineered with 4" flat wound coil.
  • Built up with 2000 watts RMS technology.
  • Specially attributed with carbon Kevlar non pressed paper cone.
  • Advanced multi spider system with push terminals.
  • Special aspects like air cooling bottom plate makes it more demanding.
  • Developed with 2 OHM voice calls and cast aluminium blanket.
  • The speaker also has voice coils and higher power handling subs.
  • Multi spider system to produce better performance.

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American Bass Usa XD - 1000 Watt Max Dual 4Ohm 12 Inch Subwoofer
American Bass Usa XD - 1000 Watt Max Dual 4Ohm 12 Inch Subwoofer
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  • Strong XD car sub woofers with 1000 watt.
  • Amazing 12"woofers are engineered with Dual 4 ohm.
  • Excellent sound quality woofers comes with 2 1/2" voice coils.
  • Attributed with magnet carbon fiber made non pressed paper cone.
  • Multi layer foam basket is constructed with stamped steel.
  • The sub woffers of this kind are ideal for cars and other vehicles.
  • The woffers are sourrounded by wide multi-layer foam.
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