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Alkaline Stick Reviews (Uses & Benefits, Pros & Cons, Where To Buy)

Benefits of Alkaline Stick

  • Alkaline Stick is an advanced water purifying stick that contains various types of nutrients and minerals.
  • Is added to tap water to enhance its value.
  • The smart water mineral stick contains special kind of Tourmaline stones to increase the pH level of drinking water.
  • Mineral water stick contains various types of Negative potential Balls to decrease level of ORP value.
  • The stick carries all essential minerals and nutrients such as iron, zinc, calcium and other beneficial minerals.
  • Alkaline Stick comprises of a number of healthy antioxidant components like vitamin C to produce better drinking water.
  • The mineral rich water stick comprises of infrared stones to energize water and helps to boost energy and recovering time.
  • Minerals like Ca, Mg, Na, K help to reduce excessive weight and help in sleeping well; besides they purify water effectively.
  • The alkaline rich sticks are easy to use and take less time to add minerals, irons and other nutrients to water.
  • Stick comprises of natural components like Maifanshi stone, far-Infrared stone, nano silver powder, etc.


  1. Alkaline Stick has a small and compact design to easily fit in a purse.
  2. The stick is convenient to carry during traveling as it is lightweight.
  3. Alkaline Stick comes under a protective case and carries an instruction manual as well.
  4. The stick helps to remove chlorine and other impurities from water.
  5. Mineral rich stick helps to absorb and decompose chlorine and other impurities.


  • First wash the stick with water for 30 seconds to help minerals to loosen up.
  • Fill the glass or jar with tap water and put the stick into it.
  • Wait for 30 seconds before drinking.
  • One stick is recommended for 16 oz. bottle.
  • Alkaline Stick must be stored in a plastic tube when not in use.

Alkaline Stick Side Effects

Alkaline Stick may cause a number of symptoms and disorders that include as:
  • Nausea and sneezing
  • Vomiting and fever
  • Hand tremors and body pains
  • Muscle twitching
  • Tingling in the extremities or face
  • Depression and confusion

Where To Buy Best Selling Alkaline Stick

Drinking hygienic and mineral-rich water is essential for healthy life, therefore people adopt multiple ways to purify it. There are numerous devices and appliances that claim to purify water. Alkaline water sticks are one among the many devices to purify drinking water. Below given information is aimed to guide customers regarding choosing the best from the market.

Alkaline Water Ionizer for Minerals Rich Water
Alkaline Water Ionizer for Minerals Rich Water
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  • Alkaline Stick is an innovative way to purify drinking water and add necessary minerals easily.
  • Easy to use. Just put alkaline sticks into water bottle or can and enjoy mineral rich water.
  • Innovative stick takes just 30 seconds to add minerals into ordinary tap water.
  • High absorbing capacity sticks are ideal to remove chlorine and other impurities.
  • Ideal to use in water jar, bottle and containers.
  • 7.8 x 4 is dimension of sticks, are light weighted and easy to use in tap water.
  • 10 PC Alkaline water ionizer is available with a plastic tube.

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Portable Alkaline Water Stick for Normal Gastrointestinal Functions
Portable Alkaline Water Stick for Normal Gastrointestinal Functions
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  • Alkaline water ionizer stick helps to regulate the pH level of water and removes impurities in it.
  • Innovative water stick reduces blood lipids and aids to lower blood pressure level.
  • Purifies drinking water and regulates gastrointestinal functions.
  • Ionizer stick promotes minerals in water that supports active metabolism and promotes immunity.
  • Constant use of water stick also aids to detoxify harmful toxins from water and body.
  • Ionizer stick helps to reduce effects of alcohol and nicotine on liver functioning.
  • Portable alkaline water sticks are available under sealed plastic wrappers.

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Easy to Carry and Store Alkaline Water Stick
Easy to Carry and Store Alkaline Water Stick
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  • Alkaline water sticks are ideal to change ordinary tap water into high antioxidant rich drinking water.
  • Regular use of Ionizer sticks boost micro-clusters and oxygenate water effectively.
  • Promotes oxygen level of water and aids to enhance energy level of body.
  • Enhances taste of tap water that makes the water suitable for better tea or coffee and other beverages.
  • Alkaline water is suitable for cooking food as it promotes oxygen and aids to bring great flavor to food.
  • Water stick releases nutrients like sodium, potassium (K) and essential minerals such as magnesium and zinc.
  • 304 stainless steel sticks are easy to carry in plastic cases.

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Hydrogen Portable Water Ionizer Stick for Healthy Life
Hydrogen Portable Water Ionizer Stick for Healthy Life
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  • Food grade 304 stainless steel alkaline stick suitable to convert tap water into alkaline water.
  • Easy to put into water bottle and carry along on travel or office.
  • Ionizer stick is highly preferred to enjoy antioxidant water in minutes.
  • Water stick contains tourmaline, malfanshi, far infrared and calcium stone.
  • Removes 70% of harmful components and promotes health by reducing illness causing agents.
  • Alkaline stick is made up of 304 stainless steel and convenient to purify tap water.
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