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Alice Wonderland Statues For Garden, Disney, Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit


Alice Wonderland Statues are the decorative items for the interior and exterior decoration. The Alice Wonderland Statues resembles with characters of Disney world. The statues are sculpted by the professional artists. Alice Wonderland Statues are used in the parks, gardens, museums, and others. These statues are designed from quality materials that add more values to the public parks, personal, and official gardens. These statues explore the fine art of artists. The art pieces can be used inside and outside gardens. Alice In Wonderland designs multiple decor items for home and garden decoration like planting pots, animal statues, human figurines, reptile figures and many more.

Alice In Wonderland Garden Decor

Alice In Wonderland render a great and huge category of accessories for the garden decor. The decorative accessories and statues of the Alice In Wonderland beautifies indoor and outdoor gardens and patios. Unique designed garden decor items including fountains, garden sticks, floaters, hanging planters, critters, Gnomes, dwarfs, bird feeders, etc. Alice In Wonderland promotes the beauty and values of the gardens. Alice In Wonderland decor accessories that are available in markets and other e-commerce platforms easily with great discount offers.

Where To Buy Top Reviewed Alice In Wonderland Statues for Garden

Customers usually search for the standard featured decor items for office gardens and home gardens. We researched a wide array of products and finally came out with top reviewed and branded Alice In Wonderland Statues for Garden that varies in designs and styles.

Alice In Wonderland White Rabbit Garden Statue
Alice In Wonderland White Rabbit Garden Statue
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  • It is a statue of a rabbit that is sculpted from cold cast resin materials.
  • Ideal for the indoor and outdoor decorations.
  • The dimensions of the statue is 15 in tall, 6.25 in long, and 6.5 in deep.
  • The statue sculpture is decicated for the fans of Lewis Carroll`s classic tale.
  • Ionic top coat is designed on the statue that reveals the story of Lewis Carroll.
  • The statue explores the hurry up expressions.
  • Decorative rabbit statue defines the tale of a little girl namely Alice that was fallen into the burrow of the rabbit in Fantasy World.
  • The statue of the rabbit is almost 7 pounds in weight.
  • Zeckos is the manufacturer brand of White Rabbit Garden Statue.

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Disney Cheshire Cat Garden Figure With Hide a Key
Disney Cheshire Cat Garden Figure With Hide a Key
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  • Disney Cheshire Cat is an innovative decor item that can be used for the decoration in gardens, patios, etc.
  • The decor cat contains hidden keys.
  • Disney Cat is not meant for the playing or carrying from here and there.
  • It is a heavy weighed decorative item that can be placed indoor and outdoor gardens.
  • Resin materialized Disney Cheshire Cat that has dimensions of 10'' H x 11'' W x 6'' D.
  • The cat contains a sliding door on the belly in order to use the hidden key.
  • Disney Cheshire Cat weighs almost 9.3 pounds.
  • Value adding decor item for personal and public gardens.
  • Weather resistant sculpture manufactured by the professional artists.

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Museum White Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Garden
Museum White Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Garden
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  • White Alice Mad Hatter is a resembling character of the Lewis Carroll's story.
  • The statue explores the tale of a girls who had fallen in a rabbit's hole in Fantasy World.
  • It measures as 19 in tall, 6 in long, and 5.5 in deep.
  • Perfect decoration sculpture for the lovers of Lewis Carroll's story.
  • Cold Resin sculptued figure that raises values of interior and exterior decoration.
  • Mad Hatter contains an iconic hat and a bowl in his hands as in the tale.
  • The fantasy world explores the population of peculiar and anthropomorphic creatures in the whole story.
  • 9 pounds of sculpture for the garden decoration.

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Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatter Garden
Alice In Wonderland Mad Hatter Garden
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  • Mad Hatter Garden sculpture is designed from casted resin material.
  • The figurine can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration.
  • Mad Hatter was a character in the story of Lewis Carroll.
  • Dark grey finished sculpture add more elegance to interior and exterior decoration.
  • The statue reminds the tale of Alice namely girl that was fallen in the rabbit's burrow in peculiar and anthropomorphic populated fantasy world.
  • Perfect gift and decorative item for the lover's of the Alice's story written by Lewis Caroll.
  • The gift item has a good weight of 9 pounds and is stable to use in gardens and patios.
  • Zeckos is the manufacturer and provider of the sculpted decor statue.
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