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Alex Little Hands is a brand that delivers craft kit of toys and stickers. Kids of minor age group get entertained with Alex Little Hands. Set of toys helpful in making children skillful. Toys and self-adhesive stickers by Alex Little Hands promote learning skill among kids. The brand acts as a preschool for kids at homes. Helpful in developing arty and craft among kids. Toys by the brand help in making children laugh. Variable sets for the variant age group of kids are available at amazing costs. Packings and dimensions vary among Alex Little Hands as per the ordered model. Variant materials are used in the manufacturing of Alex Little Hands toys and stickers. Health-friendly set of toys for kids of all age group. Features and specifies art and craft work through toys as well as others.

Side Effects and Precautions

  1. Do not apply non recommended sources of cleaners for toys of Alex Little Hands.
  2. Do not use uneven adhesives for pasting stickers of Alex Little Hands.
  3. Keep away toys from flames and harsh chemicals.
  4. Do not bend the structures of Alex Little Hands toys.
  5. Stickers and other accessories should be used on proper objects.

We Recommend You Top Rated Products of Alex Toys Little Hands Ready Set Write And Wipe

Looking for child friendly innovations that motivate child towards studies and raises interest to learn without getting irate. Alex Toys Little Hands is top leading brand striven to invent funny products that makes child to ready for learning letters and numbers. Below, we have offered some iconic products of Alex Toys Little Hands that truly amazes child which are given below:

Toy Ready Set - ALEX Toys ABC Toy Set
Toy Ready Set - ALEX Toys ABC Toy Set
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  • Easiest way to learn letters and numbers.
  • Formulated with wipe-clean pages.
  • Child can practice constantly with wipe-clean pages
  • Suitable innovation for home and outings.
  • Designed with spiral bound pad.
  • Featured with ten wipe away pages and marker.
  • Funniest way to introduce kid with letters and numbers.
  • Kids absolutely enjoy writing on wipe-clean pages.
  • Excellent discovery for teaching and learning.
  • Works wonderfully by teaching letter sound.
  • Flawless tiny book easy to clean and wipe.
  • This pretty and funny book is full of activities.

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Write and Wipe - ALEX Toys Little Hands Ready Set
Write and Wipe - ALEX Toys Little Hands Ready Set
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  • Light weighted and portable erasable board.
  • Featured with A to Z images.
  • Designed with wheel that allow child to find out letters with images easily.
  • Double sided board utmost safe and secure for child.
  • Washable water based inks are employed while printing pictures.
  • Ultimate educational toy kit for kids.
  • Introduce child with letters and numbers by using Write and Wipe set.
  • Moist cloth easily wipes and cleans board.
  • Great letter board for children to practice letters and numbers.
  • Thin profile allows parent to carry all time to teach child.

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ALEX Toys Little Hands Ready Set School
ALEX Toys Little Hands Ready Set School
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  • Beautiful skill building set designed for preschool children
  • The set aid to learn children about cut, write alphabets and tie shoes.
  • Learner set allows to write and wipe easily from alphabet books.
  • Toy set incluses 8 finger crayons, safety scissors, 2 stencils and 15 activity pages.
  • The unique set also include 75 stickers, shoelace, and instructions manual.
  • ALEX Toys Little Hands Ready Set is recommended for upto 3 years of age.
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