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African Cichlids Reviews (Uses & Benefits, Pros & Cons, Where To Buy)

Overview (Benefits)
Attractive, active and beautiful fish. Offer the widest variety of color shapes with amazing coloration and patterning. Often complimented for their remarkable behaviors, highly complex and ritualistic. Can be very personable and intriguing Exceptional traits makes them a favorite aquarium fish. Prized and adored for their wonderful coloration. Considered relatively intelligent fish.

Features of African Cichlids

  • African Cichlids is considered as a hardy fish that means they are easy to maintain.
  • Very social and displaying lots of energetic movements any time when someone walks or passes the tank.
  • Aggressive fish and their behavior needs to be fully understood.
  • Found in the lakes Malawi, Victoria, and Tanganyika in Africa.
  • They grow about four to eight inches ( ten to twenty cms) long depending upon the species.
  • They came with the lifespan of almost ten years.
  • They are extremely territorial and requires plenty of hiding places.
  • African Cichlids easily consume large amounts of whatever is feeded them in matter of seconds.
  • One among the easiest aquarium fish to breed.

  • Make sure to layer about three inches of gravel on the bottom of the tank.
  • Rinse the gravel properly before putting it in the aquarium.
  • Fill the tank about half with the dechlorinated water.
  • Ensure to add a beneficial bacteria supplement to the water in order to promote the biological breakdown.
  • Finish by filling the rest of the water and add the hood with lights.

Where To Buy Top Reviewed African Cichlids Aquarium Fishes
People searching for Aquarium Fishes may find varied species of fishes in the market. To select ideal species for indoor aquarium tank is a bit confusing. Information posted below provides all details about Cichlids Aquarium fishes that help customers to choose best.

Live Tropical Aquarium Fish for Sale
Live Tropical Aquarium Fish for Sale
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  • Aquarium fish considered naturally territorial and aggressive is ideal for indoor tanks.
  • Complete pack contains Red Zebra, Giraffe, Yellow Lab, and Ob Blotch of African Cichlids.
  • Available in 2-3" size that aids to make aquarium beautiful.
  • Fishes are ready to ship in insulated box with utmost care.
  • Ideal for 70 gallons water tank and presents attractive looks.
  • African haplochromine cichlids is also known as Mbuna in various parts of globe
  • Gives beautiful look to aquarium.
  • The fishes are not only aggressive but also territorial.

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Red Zebra African Cichlid
Red Zebra African Cichlid
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  • Cichlids fish specie is recommended for large size aquariums and indoor water tanks.
  • This fish specie is regarded as easy to maintain tropical aquarium fish.
  • Shipped under controlled container for home aquariums.
  • Cichlid fish adopts well in tank set-up and in pure water conditions.
  • This specie likes varied foods like flaked foods, live foods, algae and lettuce.
  • Available under Blue, Red and Yellow color.
  • The fish can be easily maintained
  • Available with a hundred percent live arrival guarantee.
  • Recommended to keep in a tank that has ample space.

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OB Red Blotch Zebra African Cichlid
OB Red Blotch Zebra African Cichlid
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  • Orange blotch red zebra aquarium fish is best option for indoor decorative water tanks.
  • Attractive characteristics of fish presents great looks with orange body color with dark marbling.
  • Available under varied sizes and shipped in insulated container.
  • Lives well in temperate conditions and pure water.
  • Water tanks with tufa rock, lava rock or slate are ideal to keep African Cichlid.
  • Adds aquarium a decent look.
  • Body color of the fish is reddish-orange.
  • It is obtained from the Lake Malawi.
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