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Malaysian Revenue Stamp - Postage Stamp Art

Overview of Affix Malaysian Revenue Stamp

Stamp duties are imposed on instruments and non transaction. Stamp duty is imposed on legal, commercial, and financial instruments. Individual who is liable to pay stamp duty is set out in the third Third Schedule of Stamp Act 1949. Assessment and collection of stamp duties is described by the statutory law stamp act in 1949. There are two types of stamp duties in Malaysia - Ad Valorem Duty, and Fixed Duty. Ad ValoremDuty can be defined as the rate of the duty that varies according to the nature of instruments and also the consideration stipulated in the instruments either the market value of the property. Such as property of transfer including marketable securities, instruments creating interest in the properties such as Tenancies and Statutory Leases , instruments for security for monies commonly known as bond, specific capital market instruments that is contract notes. Fixed Dutycan be defined as the duty imposed with no relation to the consideration amount sated in the in the instrument.The fixed duty can be imposed on the number of legal, commercial, mercantile or capital market instruments including Power- Letter of Attorney, Articles of Association of a Company, Promissory Notes, Policy of Insurance and many more either on the duplicate, subsidiary, collateral instrument when it could be shown that the original or primary instruments has been duly stamped.

Features of Affix Malaysian Revenue Stamp

  • Instruments those are liable to pay stamp duty are those listed in the first schedule of the stamp act in 1949.
  • First general duty revenue stamps in Malaysia was issued in the year 1975.
  • Presently revenues are sold at the Inland revenue department and from all post offices in Malaysia.
  • Revenue board of Malaysia has also launched the e - stamping service in order to speed up the processes and eliminate the forgeries.

Where To Buy Best Malaysian Revenue Stamp

Affix Malaysian Revenue Stamp is not available online so we offer most related and recommended product of Affix Malaysian Revenue Stamp. Below, we furnish sophisticated wooden frame that are crafted under professionals of postal agencies with suitable buying source where people attain frame in safe and quick manner.

50 Years of Aviation in Malaysia Malaysian Airlines - Framed Postage Stamp Art
50 Years of Aviation in Malaysia Malaysian Airlines - Framed Postage Stamp Art
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  • Handmade frame is made up of fine quality of wood that ensures long lasting durability.
  • Decorative frame is adhered with real postage stamps and Malaysian Airlines.
  • Frame is crafted with magnet and desktop display.
  • Wooden frame is crafted under trained experts and professionals.
  • Postal industries craft wooden frame with pride.
  • Comes along with collectible postage stamp that can easily attach to desktop.
  • The total dimension of frame is 3.6 x 0.3 x 2.8 inches.
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