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Acrylic LED Letters Reviews, Large Moulded Laser & Flat Cut Outdoor Signs


Acrylic Letters are laser cut letter that comes with polished edges for superior look. These letters are available in ample font sizes. Letters provide both pigmented and painted finishes for choice. They offer hassle free installation method. Theses work best alternative to expensive metal letters and also provide stunning look and finish. Light weighted letters are enduring and are ideal choice for outdoor signs. These letters are mainly installed with the help of studs and blocks. Versatile letters can be installed on any type of walls such as dry wall, Brick and more. They come with complete installation guide that highlights all the process like where to drill holes and all.

How Letters Are Usable for Sign?

They offer infinity range of color choices for signs and are very much liked by business owners because of their versatility and designs.


  • Can be cut in any font.
  • Create any sort of logo with it.
  • Convenient installation process.
  • Numerous color ranges.
  • Custom cut options available.
  • Easy to cut in flat types.
  • Infinity size ranges with beautiful edges.
  • Made up of high quality plastic materials.
  • Highly resistant to water.
  • Comes in alphabets as well as numbers.

How Letters With LED Lights Looks?

Acrylic sign Letter boards are also tailored with led lights for more attractiveness. They come in wide range of 3D led options in distinctive colors, styles and sizes. These innovative sign boards offer superior look and are tailored with sturdy crack resistant features.

Why Acrylic Letters Are Beneficial?

Fine quality material that comes with numerous options for custom logos with wonderful edges. They offer best quality color options that works for long without bleeding or fading. They come in varied heights and sizes. They offer ultimate mounting options and Matt finishes. Colors are made from superior quality recyclable materials.

Are Acrylic Numbers Useful?

Acrylic numbers are usually used to display address numbers. These numbers are featured with fine and smooth edges. Number of colors and fonts available to match any styling options. Numbers are also made from high quality recyclable plastic materials and are environmental friendly.


  • Works best as address numbers.
  • Custom options available.
  • Exceptional for any type of surfaces.
  • Enduring and long lasting.
  • High quality colors will never fade.

How Many Types of Outdoor Board Signs?

  • Conventional sign boards - Simple 2D style boards.
  • Led Sign boards - Embellished with Led Lights to display message.
  • 3D Design boards- Provides 3D effects.
  • Neon Sign boards -Works on Neon Styles.
  • Boxed style - Combination of LED and Conventional sign boards.
  • Sticker style- Sticker type sign boards.

What Disadvantages Are in Acrylic Letters?

Prone To Scratches - Product made with Acrylic plastic may get easy scratches.
Care - Needs carefully handling to prevent scratching.
Cleaning - Cant be cleaned using sand paper.
Toxicity - It comes with high levels of toxicity.
Not recyclable - Acrylic plastic is not biodegradable and is hard to recycle.

How To Make Use of 3D Laser Cut and Flat Cut Acrylic Letters?

3D acrylic letters looks extremely fantastic in both laser and flat cut designs. The letters look beautiful and come in variety of the sizes and colors. They are highly used for signages as the y serve as powerful source of marketing and grab the attention of huge mass of the people as compared to standard ones. The sign boards are widely used by the big private and government organizations, restaurants, movie theaters, outlets and so on. The signages are constructed using different materials like brass, aluminum, Acrylic and so on. They come with the superior mounting features and are compatible with any type of the surfaces including glass, wall and so on.

Where To Buy Acrylic Letters?

Users usually search for attractive letters, alphabets and number for decoration and art works. We researched on quality and standard forms of letters. Finally we found top reviewed and recommended Acrylic Letters available in colored and painted patterns.

Goodlucky 800 Pcs Acrylic Letter Beads with Colorful Letters for DIY Bracelets, Necklaces
Goodlucky 800 Pcs Acrylic Letter Beads with Colorful Letters for DIY Bracelets, Necklaces
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  • Goodlucky 800 Pcs Acrylic Letters are colorful beads.
  • Light weighed and painted patterns.
  • Sophisticated beads with numerals for art and craft purposes.
  • Kids love to play with such letters.
  • Usable for solving puzzles and usable in word building games.
  • Designed from quality material.
  • Used for raising creativity among minors.
  • Perfect for decoration purposes in parties, events and debates.
  • White colored beads are used for making name bracelets, rings and others.

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Simplebeauty 800 Pcs Acrylic Letter Beads White 3D Alphabet Beads with Colorful Letters
Simplebeauty 800 Pcs Acrylic Letter Beads White 3D Alphabet Beads with Colorful Letters
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  • Simplebeauty 800 Pcs Acrylic Letters are white colored beads used for art and craft.
  • Beads are used for making jewelry of artificial types with names.
  • 26 alphabets are used in DIY like as necklaces, bracelets, bands and many more.
  • Small sized beads with alphabets.
  • Recommended for above four of age groups.
  • Choking may be effective for health of toddlers.
  • Used for playing and having fun.
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