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Acid Rain Action Figures Reviews (Uses & Benefits, Pros & Cons, Where To Buy)


Acid Rain is a well known brand of action figures that produce military and superhero models. Action Figure models usually resemble with famous characters of films and superheros. Action Figures are available in multifarious characters to please adventure loving people. Figures comes along with a number of accessories and replaceable parts to attract children. These toy models are available in various sizes and dimensions. Action figures comes under an attractive box packing along with accessories that include weapons, vehicles, shields, etc. These toy products are manufactured according to various age groups to match imagination of adventure loving people. Special women and superhero figures are also available for kids of various age groups.

Benefits of Acid Rain Action Figures

  • Acid Rain is a brand of toys that produces various types of war action figures.
  • Acid Rain Action Figures are available under different styles and models.
  • Acid Rain comprise of gun toys that establish better social skills among children.
  • Play outside for physical exercise which results in healthier and happier bodies.
  • Parents spend more time on work when their children spend enough time on Acid Rain toys.


  • Not suitable for children under 3 years of age as it contains marbles, small balls and small parts.
  • Not for heart patients as it makes loud noise while playing.
  • Play according to instructions shown on the back side of box.
  • Keep away from eyes as it may lead to their injury.

Features of Acid Rain Action Figure

  • Acid Rain are toys that show real action.
  • It is one of the perfect games for young boys.
  • Acid Rain looks like a real military gun that is coated with weathering color.
  • Highly pose-able with numerous points of articulation.
  • Made with the latest and best quality of materials.

Buy Best Selling Acid Rain Action Figures

Acid Rain Action Figure is a well known brand which produces warrior figures and war machinery toys. We suggest to customers the best selling Acid Rain action figures available in market.

Acid Rain Forseti Viking Shield Action Figure
Acid Rain Forseti Viking Shield Action Figure
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  • Forseti Viking Shield soldier produced by Acid Rain action figure brand.
  • Action figure comes along with submachine gun, a helmet and goggles.
  • Toy resembles with war solider and involves an armored Viking ready for snow war.
  • Available under box packing containing an actual picture of action figure inside.
  • Warrior action figure recommended for users of age 18 years and above.
  • Made up of quality material and symbolizes battle hard solider.
  • Comes along with all war needed accessories and ammunition.

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Acid Rain Sand Speeder Mark Action Vehice
Acid Rain Sand Speeder Mark Action Vehice
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  • Battle harden armored vehicle with brand label of gritty world of Acid Rain.
  • Vehicle has enough space to house 3/4-inch action figure in its cockpit.
  • Action vehicle even transforms and moves smoothly over all surfaces.
  • Battle armoured vehicle operates over two modes to provide real fun.
  • Allows action figure lovers to drive their favorite action figure into battle ground.
  • Armoured mode allows to damage enemy installations and various other attacks.

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Acid Rain World Action Figure in Military Infantry Model
Acid Rain World Action Figure in Military Infantry Model
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  • Commander action figure features military infantry solider.
  • Military solider action figure is recommended for 17+ age group.
  • Lightweight toy model comes along with a protective case.
  • Acid rain world action figure also carries a weapon and other accessories.
  • Action figure resembles with a conventional military solider.
  • Available in standard height and made up of quality material.

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Acid Rain Laurel Corpse with Pilot Action Figure
Acid Rain Laurel Corpse with Pilot Action Figure
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  • Acid Rain action figure produces laurel corpse along with pilot figure.
  • Laurel features worn, rusted design and a broken windshield.
  • Designed to accommodate corpse pilot easily to start operation.
  • Corpse pilot carries detailed sculpting, rifle, masked head and helmet.
  • Laurel corpse is about 6-inches tall and pilot about 4-inches tall.
  • Action figure is recommended to 18 above age group.
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