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Acid Fabric Dye Reviews (Uses & Benefits, Pros & Cons, Where To Buy)

Acid Fabric Dye

  • Acid Fabric Dye as name suggest is fabric dye used to color different types of fabrics effectively.
  • Acid Fabric Dye is ideal to color silk, wool, protein fibers as well as some nylon products.
  • The fabric dye involves concentrated, powdered dyes mixed with water to produce uniform color when immersion dyeing.
  • Acid Fabric Dye, contains components that provides true colors that does not bleed or fade with washing.
  • Acid Fabric Dye are simple to use and produce vibrant results on protein fibres cloths or products.
  • Dye offer colors which includes Yellow Shade Red, Lemon Yellow, Orange, Leaf Green, Deep Navy, Purple and Deep Violet.
  • Acid Fabric Dye are available in various colors at leading e-commerce business under various prices.

Features of Acid Fabric Dye

  • Acid Fabric Dye are Non toxic manufactured in Britain.
  • Acid Fabric Dye include 23 colours to choose from.
  • Acid Fabric Dye can be mixed to create own individual colors.
  • Ideal on silk, wool, nylon, mohair, angora and feathers.
  • Does not need to add anything except water to produce best results.

How To Use Acid Fabric Dye

Acid Dyes are made for dyeing woolen, silk, and nylon apparels. The dyes should be used in tubs or other hollow containers. These dyes can be used on stove tops. Use a stainless steel pot over the stove and add water in enough amount so that the fabric moves freely in the water. Boil the water and add 1/3 or 2/3 ounces of dye into it. Put the fabric into the hot dye water and turn it all around so as to dye get immersed in the fabric completely. Heat up the stove until water boils and continue stirring fabric into it. Use 1/4 cup of vinegar in each fabric but not directly. If the users don't like the smell of vinegar, Citric Acid is an alternative for them. Boil the water and stir continuously for half an hour. Use Synthrapol or other Professional Textile Detergent for washing with warm water.

Precautions for Acid Fabric Dye

  1. Dye contains chemicals rubber gloves and protective clothing should be worn when used.
  2. Avoid accidental ingestion, inhalation and skin and eye contact.
  3. Keep Acid Fabric Dye containers closed and away from young children.
  4. Read all instruction carefully before using the Dye.

Where To Buy Top Reviewed Acid Fabric Dye

Customers looking for Acid Fabric Dye that can buy from multiple sources. However, we provide a convenient online shopping path to buy top acid dye.

Jacquard Multipurpose Acid Dyes for Sale
Jacquard Multipurpose Acid Dyes for Sale
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  • Acid based dye to restore varied material to produce vibrant colors.
  • Dye helps to produce colors on silk, wool, cashmere, alpaca and other.
  • Jacquard dye also works well on feathers and nylon.
  • Multipurpose color dye is ideal to create beautiful, pure and transparent shades.
  • Best to mix with other shades to create a desired color.
  • Helps to restore original shine and finish.
  • Acid based dye shade are regarded for quality and intensity.
  • Available in 1/2 Ounce of small bottle.

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Fabric Jacquard Acid Dyes
Fabric Jacquard Acid Dyes
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  • Dye based on acid formula formulated for silk, wool, cashmere and alpaca fabric.
  • Multi-purpose dye helps to produce pure, transparent and luscious shades.
  • Acid dye is also helpful to color feather and nylon fabric.
  • Jacquard acid dyes are ideal to mix with multiple colors.
  • Helps to create desired shade and color.
  • Easy to pain or mark on varied types of fabrics.
  • Acid based dyes are available in numerous colors.
  • Proves effective to shade varied range of material.
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