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Accelerade Drink Mix is prepared from the potent blend of the carbohydrates and proteins. All natural drink is the perfect way to boost stamina and endurance. The healthy sports drink is the perfect way to rehydrate the body and to minimize the muscle damage. The drink provides excellent results in boosting the hard work out performances. Formulated with different carbohydrate composition the drink provides outstanding results in supplying energy to the muscles. Due to the presence of branched-chain amino acids, it helps in alleviating the fatigue and minimizes the risk of muscle damage during training sessions.

Uses and Benefits of Accelerade Drink Mix

  • Accelerade Drink Mix is enriched with nutrients that are highly essential address all round health needs of the body.
  • The formulation of Accelerade Drink Mix is embellished with the presence of Carbohydrates and Protein in healthy concentration.
  • In addition, Accelerade Drink Mix assists in the healing of muscles that suffer injuries and enhances pace of recovery.
  • Accelerade Drink Mix also aids in taking endurance capabilities to the next level.
  • In addition, Accelerade Drink Mix also helps in maintaining adequate hydration level in the body.
  • Available in air tight packaging that prevents contents from being spoiled.

Precautions and Side Effects for Accelerade Drink Mix

  • Accelerade Drink Mix is to be taken as per the directions suggested. Consumption more than normal amount may yield adverse effects on health.
  • Prior to consuming Accelerade Drink Mix, seeking proper consultation with a dietitian is advised.
  • In case of allergic reactions due to consumption of Accelerade Drink Mix, turn to immediate medical attention.
  • Do not take Accelerade Drink Mix with water or as it is. It may upset the metabolic functioning.
  • Close the container properly, leaving it open in moisture may damage the contents.

Where To Buy Top Reviewed Accelerade Drink Powder

The Accelerade powder is a protein-rich energy boosting formula contains multiple health benefits. We suggest best online shopping path to help customers to buy Accelerade drink powder.

Pacific Health Accelerade Protein Powdered Sports Drink
Pacific Health Accelerade Protein Powdered Sports Drink
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  • Sports drink powder blended with large amount of proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Contributes carbohydrates and electrolytes to hydrate muscle nerves.
  • Prevents muscle damage and enhances endurance to perform sports activities.
  • Improves rehydration and support blood circulation in body.
  • High protein powder supports athletic activities and other sports activities.
  • Formulated to promote muscle recovery and reduce fatigue
  • Easy to prepare drink is safe to all consumers.
  • Helps to remain active and alerts on field and aids sports activities.

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Orange Flavour Accelerade Advanced Sports Drink Powder for Sale
Orange Flavour Accelerade Advanced Sports Drink Powder for Sale
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  • Advance sports drink available in refreshing orange flavor.
  • Enhances performances, endurance and muscle recovery effectively.
  • Carbohydrate and Protein rich powder prevents muscle damage and fatigue.
  • Boosts energy recovery and induces instant energy to aid athletic performance.
  • Sports drink mix also contains citric acid, malic acid and other ingredients.
  • Protein powdered formula helps to gain muscle power and physical endurance.
  • All natural powder carries no artificial preservatives.
  • Available in jar packing containing powder for 30 servings.
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