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Acai Wholesale Reviews (Uses & Benefits, Pros & Cons, Where To Buy)

Acai Wholesale Benefits

Acai Wholesale products contain pure organic food items made up of Acai berries originated from Brazil. Acai Wholesale products carry various frozen food recipes used to prepare nutritional breakfast and bowls. These recipes contain various nutritional values and are considered the rich source of antioxidants. Acai is ideal to prepare healthy frozen treats or mixing in juices, smoothies, yogurts and acai bowls. These berries involve wild harvest by natives along the riverbanks of the Amazon rain-forest. Acai berries are served pure and organic form thus maintains its native color, taste and nutritional properties. Acai recipes do not contain Soy Lecithin or Citric Acid and are free form added color, preservatives. Acai food ingredients also include dairy milk, coconut water, supplements and other cereals or seeds.

Recipes Made of Acai Berries
  1. Organic Acai Bowl Recipes.
  2. Organic Acai Smoothies & Juices Recipes.
  3. Organic Acai Green Smoothie Recipes.
  4. Fused Acai with energetic guarana berry.
  5. Pitaya bowls contains Lycopene, Vitamin C and Fiber

Frozen Acai Berry Packs Wholesale
  • Frozen Acai Berry Packs are ready to utilize for smoothies
  • Acai Berry contains natural ingredients like minerals and vitamins.
  • Healthy for health due to natural properties.
  • It is one of the preffered food that has great taste.
  • Healthy aid for heart and skin.
  • The frozen berries are good for digestive system.
  • Known as powerful booster for immune system.

Where To Buy Top Reviewed Acai Wholesale Products
Acai is an organic and herbal food item available in varied forms like powder and liquid. We provide an easy online shopping path to customers to choose best.

Organic and Pure Acai Berry Powder Freeze Dried Wholesale
Organic and Pure Acai Berry Powder Freeze Dried Wholesale
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  • Freeze Dried acai powder to ensure maximum nutrients and vitamins.
  • Organic fruit powder contains large amount of fatty acids, oleic acid and omega-6.
  • Rich source of Antioxidents, vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients.
  • Superfruit extract releases fatty acids, amino acids and dietary fiber.
  • Perfect to prepare delicious meals, dessert and energy drinks.
  • Supports weight management program and burns excessive calories.
  • Best to sprinkle over over yogurt, cereal to add nutrition.
  • Boosts energy and maintains healthy digestive system.

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Sambazon Amazonia Acai Berry Energy Drink
Sambazon Amazonia Acai Berry Energy Drink
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  • Natural energy drink comprises of natural caffeine, green tea, and guarana.
  • Drink features powerful antioxidants extracted from Acai berry and acerola cherry.
  • Best to add in varied meals and recipes to enjoy healthy treat.
  • Energy drink is packed in 12 Ounce of tin pack.
  • Carries low calories and fat to balance body weight.
  • Drink contains large amount of antioxidants and essential minerals.
  • Organic and GMO-free ingredients safe for all consumers.
  • Promotes mental alertness and instant energy.
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