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Acai Sorbet Advantages and Disadvantages, Side Effects and Reviews

  1. Overview (Benefits) of acai sorbet
  2. Overview (Benefits) Acai Sorbet

    • Acai Sorbet contains many healthy nutrients that helps to reduce weight and burn fat.
    • It helps to restore different health problems on proper period of time.
    • Acai Sorbet consists less amount of sugar that are very beneficial for patients who are suffering from diabetes.
    • It offers people with anti aging potentials.

    Acai Sorbet Ingredients

    • Acai Sorbet consists of 150 calories.
    • The total fat available in Acai Sorbet is 3gram.
    • The availability of sodium in Acai Sorbet is 10 gram.
    • Acai Sorbet contains of 4gram dietary fiber.
    • It consists of 6 percent vitamin A, 15 percent Vitamin C and 2 percent Calcium.
    • Total Carbs available in Acai Sorbet are 30 gram.


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