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Acai Plant Advantages and Disadvantages, Side Effects and Reviews

  1. Overview (Benefits) of acai plant
  2. Features of acai plant
  3. Overview (Benefits) Acai Plant

    • Acai Plant is a tree having dark green pinnate feathery leaves .
    • Acai Plant is useful for medicines and other herbs.
    • Acai Plant consists of fruits acai berry that is useful for weight losing.
    • Oil extracted from the plant are useful for the treatment of diarrhea.
    • Seeds of Acai Plant are crushed and are used for fever treatment.
    • Plant roots are beneficial for diabetic patients, liver and muscular pains.
    • Sap of roots is usable for hairfall.
    • It improves the immunity of humans and recovers the energy.
    • For the cardiovascular diseases, Acai Plant is proved most useful.
    • It is responsible for reduction of heart palpitation.
    • Its extracts are useful for the skin and beauty.
    • Acai Plant is also know by its common names Açaí Palm, Assai Palm, Acai Palma, Cabbage Palm, Pina Palm.

    Features of Acai Plant

    Scientific name of Acai Plant: Euterpe oleracea
    Acai Plant Family: Arecaceae
    Acai Plant Kingdom: Plantae
    Acai Plant (unranked): Angiosperms
    Acai Plant (unranked): Monocots
    (unranked): Commelinids
    Acai Plant Order: Arecales
    Acai Plant Family: Arecaceae
    Acai Plant Genus: Euterpe
    Species of Acai Plant: E. oleracea

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