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Acai Berry Pulp Advantages and Disadvantages, Side Effects and Reviews

  1. Overview (Benefits) of acai berry pulp
  2. Safety Measures & Side Effects acai berry pulp
  3. Features of acai berry pulp
  4. Overview (Benefits) Acai Berry Pulp

    • Acai Berry Pulp is a product of Acai berry that is useful for losing the weight.
    • This Pulp consists the contents of antioxidants that are meant for weight reduction and making belly toned of the user.
    • Acai Berry Pulp also available in other forms like juices, solids, pastes, powders and raw.
    • Usable for promoting the mental and physical consciousness among the users.
    • Always use Acai Berry Pulp in recommended and limited after or before the daily meals.
    • Use Acai Berry Pulp for making health and fitness of mind.

    Safety Measures & Side Effects Acai Berry Pulp

    1. Excessive of Acai Berry Pulp can affect both liver and stomach.
    2. Keep away below aged children that are suffering from heavy weight from usage of Acai Berry Pulp.
    3. Store Acai Berry Pulp in a cool temperature.
    4. Always see the label of Acai Berry Pulp before using.
    5. Follow the safety measures of medicines for best and safe health.
    6. Do not store Acai Berry Pulp in hot and heating places.

    Features of Acai Berry Pulp

    1. Cholesterol: 0
    2. Sodium: 10
    3. Total Carbohydrate: 0
    4. Vitamin A: 0
    5. Vitamin C: 0
    6. Calcium0
    7. Niacin: 10
    8. Vitamin B6: 10
    9. Vitamin A: 4%
    10. Vitamin C: 15%
    11. Calcium: 1%
    12. Iron: 1%
    13. Vitamin B12: 10
    14. Saturated Fat: 0
    15. Trans Fat: 0

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