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Abu Cushies Advantages and Disadvantages, Side Effects and Reviews

  1. Overview (Benefits) of abu cushies
  2. Safety Measures & Side Effects abu cushies
  3. Overview (Benefits) Abu Cushies

    • Abu Cushies is a baby diaper that has no leakage problem and comforts baby during sleep.
    • Abu Cushies are disposable and can be thrown away when becomes dirty.
    • Also, available as hypoallergenic that is safe for babies.
    • Chemical free and gentle on babies skin.
    • More convenient and easy to use.
    • Hassle free and keeps baby dry.
    • Needs less time in changing.

    Side Effects Abu Cushies

    • In Abu Cushies, toilet training can be harder in babies as no sound or clue is heard between parents and babies.
    • They may be hazardous products as they are harmful for the environment through manufacturing and disposal.
    • Newborn babies have sensitive skin and use of Abu Cushies can affect their skin.
    • May cause skin rashes in babies due to prolonged use of wet diapers.
    • Abu Cushies can cause various types of infections.
    • They are expensive in long run.

    Safety Measures & Side Effects Abu Cushies

    • After change or toilet, clean child thoroughly with water and disposable wipes.
    • Give break of few minutes before using another Abu Cushies.
    • Also, use separate wipes for yourself and for child.
    • Check Abu Cushies from time to time.
    • Dump dirty Abu Cushies under soil.
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