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Ab Glider Platinum Reviews (Uses & Benefits, Pros & Cons, Where To Buy)


Ab Glider Platinum is an exercising machine that is ideal for all adult age groups. The machine is designed with fast and advanced techniques of muscle building that help in making the body fit and attractive. The machine helps in making abs healthy and muscles cored. The main target of Ab Glider Platinum machine is to burn out fats from abdominal areas. It improves the appearance of both men and women. Easy to place and store at right locations. Ideal for home practices, gym workouts, and office placements. Health cautious device that delivers fitness without any drawback. Improves body textures that look attractive to others. Easy to use at any time and anywhere inside apartments.

ProForm Sports Workout Machine

ProForm is the manufacturer and designer of Ab Glider Platinum. Creator of sports workout machine makes exercising easy and convenient for both men and women. It concentrates over hectic workouts for making abs, weight management and muscle coring. ProForm relieves workout performers from sit ups, crunches and other ways of abs making or weight loss methods by creation of Ab Glider Platinum. Pros of the fitness machine include:
  • Raises abs and tightens muscles in less duration.
  • Improves respiration rates among athletes.
  • Useful for attaining strong muscles.
  • Helps in raising oxygen intake and skin toning.
  • Exercising promotes immunity and boosts energy levels.
  • Can be operated without use of electricity.
  • Improves health of cardiovascular system.
  • Promotes blood flow in veins and arteries that reduces blood clots.
  • Helpful for lowering blood pressure through exercising.
  • Helps in preventing from heart diseases and balances cholesterol.
  • Helps in weight management and curbing obesity risks.
  • Can be used for multiple exercises and movements.
  • Beneficial for both trainees as well as experts.
  • Helps in making body postures smart and attractive.
  • Handling features with standard gripping prevents from sweating and slippages during exercising.
  • Targets upper, middle and lower abs.
  • Helpful fitness tool that can be used for Pilate Assistance.
  • Boosts power and strength in muscles.
  • Exercising tool for reverse crunches, leg and knee lifts.
  • Prevents spinal cord from uneven shocks and strains.
  • Ideal for raising six packs among men and women.
  • Feasible seating is used in machines that delivers comfort to body during workouts.
  • Supportive system for neck and back.
  • Improves body flexibility and comfort.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety among performers.
  • Improves sleep and happiness.
  • Promotes self esteem among workout holders.

Coaster Features

Ab Coaster is another abs and muscle exercising tool with steel bearings and nylon rollers. It helps in getting muscles tightened and attaining a sexy waistline among men and women.
Frame ConstructionSolid Steel Heavy duty tubing
SeatingPadded and Vinyl foam cushioning
HandlesRubber and plastic materialized
Screen UnitLCD display unit
MovementsFront to back, side to side
Capacity Tolerance300lb
WheelsFour in number, anti slip
DVD assemblyThree forms of Instructional DVD's are associated
CounterDigital form of workout counter
Rotation180 degree Celsius
Incline PositionsThree adjustable
TracksRotational Lock and Vertical Core
Warranty DurationOne Year

Let's Buy Top Reviewed and Recommended Ab Glider Platinum Machines

Customers usually look for the best and health friendly fitness tools for home and club exercising. We researched such requirement of gymnastics and sports athletes and came out with top reviewed Ab Glider Platinum Machines that are available in low prices.

ProForm Ab Glider Sport with Digital Workout Counter
ProForm Ab Glider Sport with Digital Workout Counter
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  • ProForm Ab Glider is an exercising machine for all adult age groups.
  • Designed with LED digital counter for easy and quick readings.
  • Contains soft and well designed gripped handles.
  • Sweat free and slip free handling render more comfort to athletes.
  • Solid stainless steel construction with high durability.
  • Designed with 180 degree abs rotation.
  • Wheels are constructed with bearings that keep machine permanently at its place.
  • Seats with soft and allergy free cushioning.
  • Machine contains vertical crunch track and rotational locking system.
  • Fitness tool can be used for all abs positions.

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EFITMENT - E020 Air Walker Glider Elliptical Machine with Side Sway Action
EFITMENT - E020 Air Walker Glider Elliptical Machine with Side Sway Action
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  • EFITMENT - E020 Air Walker Glider Elliptical Machine is a well engineered exercising tool.
  • Constructed for whole body workouts.
  • Less space consuming fitness tool for homes, clubs, gyms, offices, etc.
  • Versatile and portable for men's and women's health.
  • Designed with 180 degree free range motion.
  • LCD digital counter reminds the exerciser of time spent, calories burnt, etc.
  • Holds a maximum weight of 220 lbs at one time.
  • Helps in complete reduction of fats from abs, legs, thighs and muscles.
  • Boosts speed and strengthens muscles.
  • Optimal results in less periods of time.
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